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2017 WENDY CORREEN SMITH. Powered by Blogger.


Powell Garden's Butterfly Festival

The last time Ryan and I went to Powell Gardens was the weekend right after we found out I was pregnant. We knew if we had a baby girl she'd be named Magnolia. When we walked around the gardens last year there was a huge blooming Magnolia Tree and we wondered if there was a baby girl inside of me. Sure enough God had blessed us with a daughter! This year we took our Magnolia to see all the beautiful flowers and the Butterfly Festival. We walked around with hearts reminiscing and souls full of gratitude.

Magnolia was fascinated by everything. She really loves this great big world and all the people, flowers, trees, and butterflies.

I used my new Lille Baby Luxe Carrier and it was a great thing to have for our day of exploring. As soon as we entered the gardens we saw at least ten strollers all lined up outside of the butterfly exhibit. Strollers were not allowed into the butterfly gardens because of the risk of runaway butterflies, plus it was a small area. At the end of the post I'm going to share a little bit more about the carrier.

When we entered they gave us a scorecard to use as we hunted for each butterfly species. I think we found about five of them!

This was one of the many Magnolia Trees. The huge one that was in bloom last year, just outside the butterfly garden, wasn't blooming this year. I think we were a few months late in seeing it.

This is the Magnolia Tree that had our hearts fluttering last year as we dreamed about whether I was pregnant with a son or daughter! It felt surreal to have her there with us this year. I think it'll be a family tradition to take her to the gardens each summer. Next year we'll try to go in late May/early June so that she can see the huge white blossoms.

Ryan said this is our hydrangea goals!

She would have destroyed that sunflower, had I let her!

I let her get one petal!

We took a break in the shaded courtyard and this is where Magnolia nursed.

They had several food trucks and we had to try the Dr. Pepper Float. It was so good. Magnolia would have loved a taste of it, but we are holding off on a taste of sugar until at least her first birthday. She'll thank me later.

Life with this babe is truly a gift. And I have all these sweet moments that I'm trying to hold onto forever. Her heart is full of so much love, and so are ours.

Her adorable floral bonnet is by my sister Little Lucca Love. Go check out her online boutique, all the new fall stuff is out and I want it all.

About the Lille Baby Luxe Carrier
First of all it was very comfortable and I do believe that is the most important factor when using a baby carrier. The material is breathable and it felt like Magnolia's weight was evenly distributed on my body. I'm prone to neck aches and thankfully I felt just fine after walking around with her on my chest for hours. The next most important factor (in my opinion) is style and design, and it certainly has that going for it. I love the look of the embossed carriers that you can find at many retailers, including Buy Buy Baby. It is a 6 in 1 complete carrier, meaning there are a lot of ways to adjust it to make it just right for you and your growing baby. When I first took it out of the box I thought I could just throw it on and make it fit, and it didn't happen quite like that. I had to YouTube a few videos that walked me through each strap and clip. Once I got the hang of how it all worked, and adjusted it to Magnolia, it fit like a charm. We will definitely be using this carrier often! Oh and Magnolia just happened to love it also. Her view of the world from this perspective made for one happy rider!


Wendy Correen Smith
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