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Happy 1/2 Birthday To Our Baby

This morning we woke up to a six month baby girl. Her personality is blossoming more and more with each new day! I was just telling a friend at lunch today how much she has changed me. I said it to her because I used to be the slowest eater in the world, and now I can really chow down my food pretty fast (Ryan would still argue that I'm a slow eater, but I definitely eat faster now). I guess that's just a "mom thing!" There are many "mom things" she's done to me and I've never ever been happier in my entire life. Even my hardest days are still going down in my book of life as the some of the best! I get this feeling inside my soul when I hear her laugh and I really don't know how I ever lived without her. 

My life has this purpose now, a purpose that I used to long for, and because of her I get to live it.

We were at Taco Tuesday this week and Ryan and I were in a serious conversation. Magnolia was just hanging out in her stroller, probably chewing on her feet or something. I think a minute or two had passed without us acknowledging her. All of a sudden she let out the loudest scream/cry and her face turned bright red. I immediately grabbed her and put her on my lap. For a split second I thought she was hurt, and then once I had her in my arms I realized that she was simply doing that because she wanted to be held and included in our conversation! She's done it before and now she's learning that she can get a very quick response by being loud! I do believe it's just her personality developing and soon enough those dramatic expressions will be words coming out of her mouth. She really tries to talk all day long, from the moment she wakes up until bedtime. She is a total sweetheart and loves to cuddle!

A lot of times when she's trying to talk she'll make this loud breathing noise from the back of her throat or she'll blow lots of bubbles.

She can roll over and over again, from one side of the living room to the next. We rearranged our home this weekend, moving her play stuff upstairs to what was her nursery. Her room is now an office + playroom combo. I can work on my computer while she safely plays on the floor. She just started to sit-up on her own this week. She's still wobbly and learning to use her hands for balance, and with each new day I can literally watch her become stronger and more coordinated.

When she rides in her stroller she loves to kick up her legs and ride around looking very relaxed! Ryan and I can't help but laugh at how laid back she is when we're strolling around town with her.

Magnolia is the best napper in her carseat. Magnolia is the worst napper at home! Sometimes in the car she'll fall sound asleep within one minute. At home she'll only sleep on me while nursing. If I try to lay her down she'll wake right up. I cherish the moments when I'm glued to the rocking chair with my baby finding the comfort to soundly sleep only in my arms. One day I will look back on this time and miss it with all my heart!

Magnolia's biggest motivation in life is Mrs. Pb, and her number one objective is to get ahold of her. Her face will light up with utter excitement when she sees her fur sister. It's the sweetest thing and she has no idea how much Mrs. tries to avoid her.

When I announced our pregnancy I shared stories about my grandma and how much I felt her presence with me through the entire journey to Magnolia. I've only told Ryan, my sisters, and mom about what is happening now. Sometimes at night when I'm trying to get Magnolia down for bed she'll fight her sleep. She'll arch her back and kick her feet and really resist. It's not like this often, but when it does, it's tough. I can't remember the first time it happened, but when she's fighting me like that, sometimes she'll just completely stop and become very calm. Her facial expressions will completely change and she'll start to smile with the biggest grin that she'll hold for minutes at a time. While she's smiling she'll laugh in a way that I've never heard her do during the day. And she'll make that sound that one would make when they see something very amazing, like an AHHHHH! During this state of happiness she'll look at something above my head and she'll follow something that I cannot see around the room. Each time this happens I burst into tears; huge tears will start running down my face as I get chills up and down my neck. I can feel my grandparents love in the room and all around us and I am completely unable to hold back the intensity of my emotions. I've always believed that children have a connection to Heaven and angels. And I know my grandma in Heaven sent us Magnolia. I never dreamed that Magnolia would strengthen my connection to my grandparents in the way that she is now. I feel like my grandma is there helping me get her to sleep and after this occurs she'll relax and go to dreamland. I sleep better knowing our guardian angels are always with us.

Magnolia has a pink lamp in her nursery. One night after she was born Ryan was upstairs and we were downstairs. He saw the light on in her room and entered thinking he'd find us in there. We weren't there and we hadn't been upstairs all day. Since she was born the light continues to randomly come on by itself. When it happens now I just look up and smile!

She is straight from the arms of an angel and we thank God for her every single day!

Happy six months to our pride and joy.

Wendy Correen Smith
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