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The Journey to Baby Smith

Good morning loves! 

I want to share a little update about our journey to baby Smith and our IVF progress. The time from egg retrieval to now tested my faith and strength in ways I've never experienced before, and quite honestly I wasn't prepared for this part of the journey. I guess I can't say I'm really prepared for any of it, but I try to do my research and understand what is coming, but for some reason this was a step I had missed. I waited by the phone every single day to hear from our embryologist so she could give us an update on our embabies. It was tough, but it taught me so much about letting go, trusting God, and realizing that I have absolutely zero control over what happens in those Petri dishes. Ryan reminded me that worrying would not change the outcome, and I'm going to admit that worry and self doubt came to my mind at least a thousand times. I spent a lot of time in prayer! I literally had to tell myself "I am strong, I am brave, I will be mother" over and over again. It was a battle. It was a battle to keep the fearful thoughts at bay. My hands would start to shake when she called with updates. Take the passion and desire to be a mother, add in a crazy amount of hormones, the fact that I'm a work in progress when it comes to letting go, and imagine the intensity of waiting! My sisters and mom were waiting for updates every day, half the time they were calling for updates before I had them and I would get excited thinking it was the embryologist calling and then the phone would say "Hay Hay" - I love that girl with my whole heart- but in those moments I wanted to see my doctor's name on the phone. It meant a lot to me knowing that they were experiencing the "wait" right along with us. I'm so very thankful for them! With Ryan's love and support, and my mom and sisters' faithful enthusiasm, I survived this week and learned some major lessons. I was telling my sister, after her sweet texts that always touched me deeply to tears, that I just fill so raw. I feel like I've been ripped open and all my emotions are just flowing out like a river. There is no doubt that God's plan includes lessons along the way to parenthood. In many of my prayers I ask that I see clearly what I am to learn. I know that I will be different person after all of this, we aren't even half way finished, and I can tell I'm already changing. 

An Instagram photo from Easter: The last few weeks on ‪#‎ourjourneytobabysmith‬ as we were newbies to the world of ‪#‎ivf‬ my love for this man has grown even stronger. His tender touch each night as he gave me the injections, along with all the laughter he somehow created during such a scary time, are memories I'll cherish forever. The emotional side has been tougher than I had expected and the physical side has been easier. He cheers me up, he strengthens my faith, encourages my gratitude. My rock and my lover for eternity, this sweet sweet man! 
Thank God for him.

It is true, life is full of tiny little miracles every single day. 

From now until May there won't be many updates about our IVF journey. We are taking a month off to relax and travel! This wasn't the original plan, we were planning to do the frozen embryo transfer in April. At one point last week, May had came to my mind as a better month for the transfer, simply because I thought it'd be nice to let my body calm down from all the injections, emotions, etc., but I never told Ryan or my doctor that I was thinking that way. Anyway, I went in for a sonogram and blood work yesterday (which all went very well there, thankfully) and we are scheduled for our frozen embryo transfer in May now. They said I could try and change it back to April if we wanted, but Ry and decided it's meant to be this way and we are going to reconnect, relax, celebrate, and travel in the month of April. Travel is good for the soul, plus an extra month in prayer and mediation is even better for the soul! I'm going to LET GO and surrender to God's plans, all the while living in a state of gratitude for all the miracles we are given each and every day!  

We are thinking a west coast beach vacation, because we love Cali! 

Photos from our trip to Pacific Coast Highway in October 2014. 

Your prayers mean the world to us and we can feel each and every one of them. Thank you! 

With love xo
Wendy Correen Smith
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The Miracle of Life

Hoppy Easter Weekend to you! 

I woke up early this morning, before the sun was up. I'm watching the sun rise over the pink horizon as I type this. Today we are going to the movies, last night Ryan and I bought matinee tickets to Risen, we have this peculiar liking of daytime movies! 

I hope we hear from the embryologist before the movie starts. If not, I'll surely be checking my phone the whole time, waiting to hear an update on our embabies. I know this time of waiting is only a taste of what it is like to be a mother, but I must say my emotions are already running very deep. I feel a love for the embabies already, possibly it is just the hope of what will be, it's a feeling I've never experienced before. I never would have dreamed - not even six months ago - that I could actually love itty-bitty tiny cells. The simple idea that my DNA and Ryan's DNA have come together to form the genetic makeup of our babies is fascinating. I doubt most people even think about this cellular miracle of life, and how small we really are when we start. I know I certainly never thought about it to this depth before now. Just thinking about the tiny cells in a Petri dish has reminded me of the very delicacy of life. My thoughts about life, faith, and love have been all over the place.

When you see how fragile and delicate life can be, all else fades into the background. - Jenna Morasca

That quote brought back memories of my grandma's passing. Her body was fragile and delicate, and as her body was failing, we could all feel her soul leaving and her presence was still with each of us even after her heart stopped.

Now, as we pray for the health and growth of our embabies, I'm being reminded of how delicate physical life really is from the beginning, instead of the end.  

No matter what happens, God's timing is perfect. 

Happy Easter, with love, to you and yours! 

xo Wen 
Wendy Correen Smith
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"Easter" Egg Retrieval is Tomorrow


Yesterday Ryan was able to go to my sonogram and blood work appointment. As I've shared in past posts he's been preparing and administering all of my injections. He knew after yesterday's appointment that I'd probably be ready for what they call the "trigger" shot, the one that gets all my eggs ready for retrieval, and he had his paper and pen in hand ready to ask questions and take notes. He teased me afterwards because I was busy talking to the nurse about whether or not I could use dry shampoo before the procedure, all the while he was trying to ask the important questions about the drugs! He's good about making the nurses and me laugh at every appointment. And for the record, the dry shampoo was important to discuss, because I just recently learned that the egg quality can be affected by fragrances. Tomorrow morning I will be 100% natural - NO lotion, makeup, nail polish, hair spray, etc. 

Yesterday at the sonogram the nurse said my uterine lining looks fantastic and that my ovaries look GREAT. It looks like we are right on track with 12 eggs ready to be retrieved tomorrow and based on their sizes we are expecting that about 8 or 9 will be mature. The eggs have to be mature before they can be fertilized, and not all fertilized eggs make it to the blastocyst. Since we are doing a frozen embryo transfer next month it is important that we have healthy blastocysts ready for transfer. Say a prayer for healthy blastocysts! 

After our appointment yesterday the IVF coordinator called with my blood work results and she said "everything looks GREAT and that I had a very good response to all the medications!" We did the trigger shot last night and I went in for more blood work this morning. I talked to the nurse this afternoon and she was very happy with the numbers she got back today that confirmed the trigger shot worked. We'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning for the egg retrieval and then we'll head home so I can rest and drink plenty of fluids. 

Mrs. PB likes to be by my side all the time. A few nights I let her cuddle up with me when Ry was doing the injections. She always wanted to jump right up on my belly after the first injection and then I'd have to put her down on the ground and use the alcohol wipe again. I think she could sense my anticipation before the injections and wanted to be there to comfort me. She's a smart little doodle! 

I felt like I handled the injections very well for the first 8 days. I felt sore and bloated, but my energy level was good and my emotions were in check (for the most part). I even questioned Ry if it was okay that I felt so good. I only had the terrible headache after the first night of injections and then it felt like everything evened out. By day 9 everything changed. People probably think I'm pregnant thanks to how bloated my belly is right now, but the nurses keep reminding me that it's good to be bloated! I've been emotional the last few days and Ry said I was crabby today. This afternoon I could sense that I was generally aggravated over nothing. Hormones are such an interesting chemical! Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping. I've actually been sleeping better at night than I was before. Overall, the injections were much better than I had imagined they would be and I feel very grateful that I had Ry home to do them each night. 

Yesterday and today I've been drinking coconut water all day long. I'm trying to stay hydrated. I've also been eating avocados every single day! They are supposed to help with IVF success, and I love them. 

Today I did a lavender and lemon bath soak with epson salt and frankincense, lavender, and Peace & Calming Young Living Essential Oils. I had a vanilla candle burning, the windows were wide open, and I did a guided IVF meditation. It was blissful and just what I needed to get centered and relaxed again. 

I had intentions of making a homemade pizza for dinner tonight, but the day got ahead of us and Ry ended up getting us take-out chinese. We said a sweet prayer before dinner and we are very happy and excited that EGG RETRIEVAL is tomorrow morning. I'm ready to get these eggs out of my ovaries and to make some frosty embabies!!! 

We have a little treat for our doctor's office tomorrow and I found this card today. I don't think I could have found a more perfect card for our Easter egg retrieval than this one. 

I've got these lucky Easter Egg Retrieval socks for tomorrow! Aren't they cute?

IVF is certainly a stressful journey, and we've had some ups and downs, with much more ahead of us. Prayer and faith in God's plans for us has kept my spirits up. When I've felt down or full of worry, it hasn't lasted long, because I've learned the importance of focusing on praise and gratitude during it all. 

Thank you for following our journey to Baby Smith, and for all your love and support, and most importantly the prayers! 

Wendy Correen Smith
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Easter Around #thesmithspinkhouse, IVF Update, and Easter Egg Nest Brownie Bite Recipe

Top of the morning to you! That's what my dear grandma would say today, this St. Patty's day and also her birthday. This is the first year that she'll be dancing and celebrating, and eating birthday cake in Heaven with my papa, the love of her life. I miss her with a depth of longing that cannot be explained, but I sure do feel her by my side each and everyday, and that is the sweetness of life that helps me always feel a connection to Heaven above. Sometimes I can feel a whisper of what she'd say to me in certain situations. Like yesterday, before my IVF doctor's appointment, I started to get a little nervous as I was making the bed and all of sudden she came to my mind, or heart, or soul (whatever you'd call it) and I could feel her saying 'she's with me', and all of sudden I felt calm and peaceful again. I've always had a strong connection to her, I have many bizarre stories of moments when we've read each other minds or strange coincidences that have occurred, but the best part of it all is that our connection to one another hasn't changed since her soul went to Heaven and her body left this earth. 

Yesterday morning I had an ultrasound to check my ovaries and uterine lining, and blood work to check my estrogen levels. The nurse practitioner - such a sweet lady - could see the eggs growing and she called me back to say my estrogen levels have definitely gone up. She was happy with all that she checked and said to continue on with our injection protocol as planned. My doctor aka Ry is doing a great job preparing the injections every night and then giving them to me. He was hesitant about giving me the shots, but decided to do them the first night, and I'm so happy he did. I really don't think I could stick myself, I thought I could but when the moment came, I had a change of heart! He accidentally stuck himself in the finger the other night and I thought he was going to have a heart attack. OMG I was laughing so hard as he panicked from the pain and then he started saying that he didn't want to get pregnant. He's good about making me laugh, all the time. He's also been singing the Dr. Feelgood song and wants me to refer to him as Dr. Feelgood from now on. I love him so! 

After my doctor's appointment yesterday I stopped at the store for some fruit and the ingredients to make the cutest Easter dessert, and of course I had to pick up some fresh flowers. As you can imagine with all of this IVF stuff, EGGS have been on my mind 24/7, and with Easter being the weekend after our egg retrieval I have made this year's Easter celebrations extra special in my mind. EGGS, EGGS, EGGS, baby bunnies, pastel colors, bible scriptures, Easter lilies, fresh flowers, spring scented candles, you name it and I love it! When I took Mrs. out to go potty last night I heard some rustling around in the leaves, and peeked over on the side of our front porch, and there was an itty-bitty baby bunny! Cutest little thing ever. 

The Easter Egg Nest Brownie Bites are equally cute and delicious. They are so cute I have a hard time eating them. Although I did have one with my strawberries and blueberries for breakfast this morning!

The recipe for the Easter Egg Nest Brownie Bites is below. You should definitely make some for the family. They are super easy to make! 

Ok, so the recipe I found on Pinterest said to make the brownies from scratch, and sometimes I like to do that, but not this time. I cheated and bought a box of Ghirardelli, and I only bought one and we had to go back to the store last night for a second box. If you don't want to waste the yummy coconut pecan nest, buy two boxes of the brownie mix. 

Ingredients for the coconut frosting:
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
1 tsp vanilla (I always use more than called for)
3/4 cup evaporated milk
1 cup pecans
1 1/2 cup shredded coconut
1 package cadbury mini eggs* 

*be prepared, these baby eggs cost $6.49/bag at Target, I didn't realize they were so expensive, but if you have Cartwheel they are 10% off

Prepare the brownie mix per the box directions. You'll need a muffin pan(s) or mini-muffin pan(s). I used the regular size muffin pan. Spray the pan with a non-stick spray. Fill muffin tin about 1/3 full or 2/3 full if you are using the mini-muffin pan. Bake for about 12 minutes, or until just set, taking care not to over bake them. Once cooled use a small knife to trace around each brownie bite to loosen it from the pan. Prepare the coconut frosting. 

Coconut Frosting:
In a medium saucepan, mix the first five ingredients together. Stir constantly over medium heat until it comes to a slow boil. Cook, stirring constantly until it thickens, this will take about 10 minutes. Remove saucepan from heat and stir in coconut and pecans. Allow frosting to cool. Place a spoonful of cooled coconut frosting on each brownie bite to form the nest. Add two or three Cadbury mini eggs to each brownie bite nest. 


As always, thank you for reading my blog, and a huge thank you for all the love, support, and prayers as we embark on this IVF journey to our babies. Wishing you and yours a lucky, happy, and safe St. Patricks Day. Cheers to a Happy Easter full of bunny rabbits, Easter eggs, flowers, family, love, and may God Bless! 

xo Wen

Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. - 1 Corinthians 10:31
Wendy Correen Smith
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Why I'm Openly Sharing Our Story to Parenthood

Injections night No. 2

Today marks day No. 4 of our IVF injections. I've been sharing bits and pieces of our journey to Baby Smith #ourjourneytobabysmith on social media and I've blogged about it several times here. I've always been passionate about taking photos and writing, but not until recently have I felt the freedom of sharing something so very personal. There are several women that I admire that have chosen to share their story of infertility and to them I'm so very grateful. They have given me hope and they've helped me fully embrace this season of struggle as one that is still full of beauty despite the pain. 

Jenica | A Slice of Style | She's pregnant with twins after years of infertility and three rounds of IVF. 

Eleni | Convey the Moment | The video she shared about her infertility struggles on YouTube here is simply beautiful. 

Christy | Christy Tyler Photography | She just had twin baby boys this week, conceived through IVF, and they are adorable. I love following her posts on Instagram. 

A shot full of baby dust. 

Ryan and I were at a birthday party for one of his coworkers on Sunday afternoon. [My first round of IVF injections were the night before. My head was pounding all day Sunday, and not mention I had my first period since my laparoscopy for endometriosis in November, my Reproductive Endocrinologist that did the surgery had me suppressing my cycles since the surgery. I found out from a recent colonoscopy that I have an ulcer on my small intestines from all the NSAIDs I've taken over the years to treat the severe endometriosis pain. They had thought it was endometriosis on the colon but the GI doctor confirmed it was an ulcer - which was very good news because it will heal if I stop taking Advil and Meloxicam. Long story short, with this period, I only took Tylenol and it barely took the edge off the pain. I was feeling pretty crappy at the birthday party.] Back to the birthday party ---- sorry I'm good at going in different directions not only when I'm talking, but when I'm typing too. Ryan and I were talking to one of his friends/coworker and he asked about the IVF. I love when guys feel comfortable talking about it. His question went something like "how soon could you be pregnant or have a baby!" It was funny because I didn't answer his question as much as I tried to explain the process. Then I started to say, well, by the end of April we should know, all the while Ryan is explaining the potential due date. Then somehow we got onto the fact that since I've been openly sharing our story on social media its going to be pretty tough to follow that "12 week rule", that everyone knows! Women aren't supposed to announce they're pregnancies until they've made it to the "safe zone" at the 12 week mark. In the moment, I thought, "hmmmm, crap, I didn't even think about that." And that was pretty much all that I thought about it on Sunday, like I said my head hurt and I think hormones were pumping through my body that kind of affected my ability to think clearly. 

This was before we left for the birthday party on Sunday. 

The next morning the "12 week rule" popped into my head again, except this time I actually sat and pondered the conversation and the rule. Who on earth even made up this rule? I came to the realization that the entire rule is just absurd. I guess a woman is supposed to suffer in silence, like her body is something to be ashamed of, if she has a miscarriage? Wouldn't you think that a woman and man that have suffered loss need love and attention during a time of pain more than ever before? I have many friends that have suffered the tragic pain of miscarriage in silence because of this tradition of waiting to announce the pregnancy, and I think it's time for this social norm to be scratched. I've never been one to live in secrecy about anything, being an open book comes naturally to me. I understand other men and women prefer to live more private lives, and of course, aren't going to announce their pregnancy for all the world to hear, but on the contrary, if they wanted to tell their co-workers, family or closest friends, that rule of waiting should not even pop into their mind. If they were to lose the baby, then they would need time off work, they would need extra phone calls and support from their friends and family. 

My sweet hubby preparing my injections on night No. 1

My sister makes fun of me because she says I live in a world of unicorns and butterflies. And she's not the first one to give me a hard time for living in "la-la land!" And you know what? I hope to always be a person that can find joy in life, even during the hardest of seasons. The fact that I can put a smile on my face, celebrate the simple joys, even when I'm struggling, will probably be who I'll always be. It's my personality. I cry and I worry. I get angry and cuss. I get frustrated and disappointed. We all do! 

The day our nine pound package of medication arrived. Full story on Instagram @wendycorren

My point with all of this is that I've found sharing my struggle with endometriosis, and sharing our story to parenthood, to be freeing and uplifting. It's helping me to focus on the beauty, inspiration, faith and hope instead of being overcome by fear and worry. On the hard days I want to embrace all that I have that brings gratitude to my heart. 

My stomach is so bloated from only 3 rounds of injections. I can only imagine what it'll look like before retrieval next week. 

I've had people reach out to me to say they are praying for us, others that have gone through the same struggles and kept it all a secret, some who are going through their own battles with loss and health challenges. I've had a few girls ask me questions about endometriosis, in fear that they may have it too. Everyone has seasons of joy and pain. It's life. My hope is that with time, people will find more comfort in talking about their lives and their truth, instead of feeling like they must hide the struggles. Feeling connected to others, feeling like someone understands and can relate, having someone simply listen, can bring a richness to life that may just overcome some of the pain. 

From the Instagram post on March 10th. 

I was up bright and early this morning for my baseline ultrasound and blood work. The entire doctor's office smelled like a floral shop. A recent patient sent a floral arrangement to every single person in the office as a gift of gratitude for her pregnancy. I love the smell of lilies! And I just realized our egg retrieval is the week of Easter. Fancy that for a perfect date for #ourjourneytobabysmith Also I'll be doing injections over St. Patrick's day (also my beloved grandma's birthday), so here's to some Irish luck #ttcwithendo#ivfjourney

We think she'll be a good BIG sister someday soon. 

And to end this post with the perfect poem. 

Life can be the sunshine, 
On peaceful days with bright blue skies, 
Or life can be the raindrops, 
That fall like tears squeezed from your eyes, 
Life can be the heaven, 
That you'll only reach through hell, 
Since you won't know that you're happy, 
If you've not been sad as well, 
Life can teach hard lessons, 
But you'll be wiser once you know, 
That even roses need both sunshine, 
And a touch of rain to grow. 

Love to you and yours xo 
Wendy Correen Smith
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Our Journey to Baby Smith | IVF Update

It's Fri-YAY and it's going to be a beautiful weekend. I'm actually sitting in the office with the window cracked right now. I love this time of year when you begin to anticipate and look forward to the changing season. And spring is such a beautiful time of year. 

We just got home from our Reproductive Endocrinologist doctor's appointment - we snapped the above selfie before we went in. Ry is taking a cat nap as I type this. Our original doctor's appointment was on Monday, but we had to change it because our embryologist had jury duty, so Ry had to change his flight home from Connecticut and he got home at 2 am. Our journey to parenthood is already teaching us valuable lessons about going with the flow and being flexible. 

Today we had our trial embryo transfer, an injections class, and we met with our embryologist. I was a little nervous before this appointment, as I didn't know what to expect with the transfer. After I was finished I realized it was silly that I even got nervous about it. It was super easy, I actually didn't feel anything. We thankfully did that first and then we started the injection class before meeting with the embryologist. We decided that Ry is going to get the injections ready for me each night and I'm going to actually do the shots. That's our plan as of now. I think once I get the first shot over with it should be pretty easy. 

Lastly we met with our sweet embryologist, whom we will be talking to daily after the retrieval. She will be the one to call and update us on the status of our embabies each day. We asked a bunch of questions about decisions we had to make, for example, what happens to our frozen embryos if we have leftovers after we are finished with our family. We decided that ours will go to research - stem cell research. The other options were to donate them or pretty much throw them away. Obviously, this is a personal decision for each couple, and fortunately Ry and I agreed right away with only a short discussion on what would be best for ours. 

I also asked the embryologist a few other random health questions. Like, is it okay for me to continue taking baths and using a heating pad during IVF? She said it was okay to do both. I don't have any lifestyle or health change suggestions coming from the doctor or nurses. Of course, I can do research online about health benefits and things I can do to help with it all, and I will probably implement some of the suggestions. It can't hurt. 

The next steps are: 
1. Prayers daily
2. Stop my birth control 
3. Blood work and ultrasounds - up until retrieval 
4. Injections - starting a week from tomorrow! 

The egg retrieval will be the end of March. The embryo transfer will be in April, my birthday month, and I'm turning 35!!! 

Tonight Ry and I are shopping for a new coffee pot and toaster, then we are picking up a RedBox movie to watch in our new living room. And since we still don't have a refrigerator we will probably eat out for dinner! 

Wishing you and yours the happiest of weekends! Thank you for your prayers and for following along on our journey to our bay-bays! 

Wen and Ry
Wendy Correen Smith
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The Smith's Pink House | Progress Photos

It's Thursday, right? Seriously the past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I cannot believe the progress that has been made on our home though. Ryan worked non-stop this weekend getting the marble subway tile backsplash installed, his parents came over Friday and Saturday night to help us get the TV and sound system up (that was a JOB - whoa!), and Ry also managed to finish the fireplace stone installation. He's pretty much a rockstar in my book. Our appliances were delivered on Monday morning before he left town and we got the microwave and stove in. The plumber comes tomorrow to do the sink, faucet, disposal, and dishwasher. I'm really looking forward to moving the dishwashing sink from the powder room into the kitchen! It kind of grosses me out to wash our dishes in the bathroom, not that we are using many dishes, but our coffee mugs and random pieces of silverware have to be washed in there. Our fridge was scratched and they had to order a new one, so now we are patiently waiting for the new one to arrive, it could be a couple of weeks - bummer. I think I talk about cooking in our kitchen EVERY SINGLE DAY! We are just completely burnt-out on eating out for every meal. We have new wishbone chairs arriving tomorrow and I ordered a kitchen table. I was planning to get a tulip table all along, and then at the last minute I changed my mind for a beautiful table from Crate and Barrel. I have this weird tendency of changing my mind about things at the very last minute and then going in a completely different direction, that's what happened with the leopard stair carpet and now our kitchen table. The table will be delivered next week and I cannot wait to share it with you. It's so pretty, I know that's an odd description for a kitchen table, but in my opinion it's pretty. You'll see! 

This week I've been cleaning and moving stuff up from the basement. Today I was burning a candle - from a local candle shop 5B & Co. - called 'Home is Where the Heart is' and I had Madeleiene Peyroux on Pandora all day long as I hung all of our artwork. I have a few empty walls, as I want to grow into our home with new pieces that have special meaning to us. I've wanted a sign from House of Belonging for sometime now and I have a wall in the dining room just waiting for the perfect one to grace the walls of our home. The area to the right of the TV needs something and I'm going to give this a whirl - DIY Woven Wall Hanging by Also, I have a Pink Poodle print that I need to get framed. I shared it on Instagram here. We still have a lot of boxes in the basement and some are just too heavy for me to move up, so I'm waiting for Ry to help this weekend. I've been trying to find our fuzzy blankets, pillows, and decorative trays all week. I'm guessing they'll show up this weekend. 

Today I'm sharing a bunch of random progress photos of our home. If you missed the before photos of our house you can check them out here. Talk about a transformation! Once the house is completely finished I'm going to pull out my nice camera and do a Home Tour post with all the BEFORE + AFTERS! 

The kitchen from dark to light! 

The master bedroom & bathroom. 

The main level. 

The guest bedroom. I'm trying not to put too many holes in the walls upstairs, as I'm looking forward to re-doing the rooms for our future babies. 

The office's pink closet doors.

So that's what we've got so far. We have plenty more home to-dos for the upcoming weekend, but one thing we haven't had lately is time to relax and spend quality time together. We have both added that to our weekend agenda! 

xo Wen
Wendy Correen Smith
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