Make The Ordinary Come Alive

Make The Ordinary Come Alive

I read a poem the other day that got all my emotions flowing. Memories of days at my grandparents house came flooding into my soul. I could make a never ending list of ordinary joys I experienced with them every single day. I have the most vivid memories of them living intentionally with gratitude & joy. They're both in Heaven now, but the way of love they taught me, still overflows from my heart. If I can give Magnolia just a fraction of the love they gave me then I know I'm doing good. This poem has a rich lesson. 

Make The Ordinary Come Alive

Do not ask your children
to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,
but it is a way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder
and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting
tomatoes, apples, and pears.
Show them how to cry
when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure
in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.

By William Martin

Wendy Correen Smith
An Interview With Sugar Rush Bakery

An Interview With Sugar Rush Bakery

When I discover a locally owned business or small shop I love I feel a duty to share about them with all my friends & family. There is so much heart + soul + passion that goes into running a small business & I do believe our world needs all of that feel good stuff we can get.

When I first found Sugar Rush Bakery I was daydreaming about Magnolia's first birthday party. It all started when she was probably six months old (yes I started thinking about it way early, it was a dream come true after all) and I sent a message to Nicole, the owner of Sugar Rush, on Instagram. I had originally thought we would do a unicorn party & with time my dream evolved into a Swan Lake Ballet theme. Nicole was such a sweetheart through all of my brainstorming. I literally sent her photos of my ideas & she gracefully brought it all to life. Magnolia's first birthday dessert table was the highlight of her party (after her, of course) & everyone went crazy over how delicious it all tasted. Her kind soul & amazing talent brings me to today's post all about her booming business!

Whether you're shopping for a big wedding cake or a tiny smash cake, or looking for cute sugar cookies for a special occasion, or even thinking of a place to take a loved one for an afternoon date, let me say two words: SUGAR RUSH!

I did a sweet interview with Nicole, to find out more about her bakery, and she is a huge inspiration. You may have seen her on our local news stations before, if not, watch for her - she is adorable!

First things first, tell us about Sugar Rush. 
Sugar Rush is a locally owned gourmet dessert bakery. We specialize in cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and popcorn.  

Your cakes & sweets are delicious. Can you tell us about what you usually have in stock?
In our store we carry anywhere from 18-30 flavors of cupcakes (depending on the day). We also have a large selection of cake pops, fudge, popcorn, and cookies. We carry fudge turtles, chocolate covered Oreos and chocolate covered pretzels. All our products are handmade in house. 

Tell us about your special orders. 
We love custom orders! We bake and decorate all of our cakes and cookies the day the order goes out. We can customize pretty much anything, but our most popular are our cakes.  We make cakes as small as tiny smash cakes all the way up to huge tiered cakes for weddings. My personal favorite item to decorate is our sugar cookies. 

All of your sweets are beautifully decorated, where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration from many places. Sometimes a design just comes to me as I go. Other times I find inspiration from different fabrics, wrapping paper, and miscellaneous objects. Sometimes I also find inspiration from other cake and cookie decorator's work. 

There are so many yummy cake & icing flavors, what is your favorite cake flavor combo?
Our bestselling cupcake flavor is our salted caramel which I will recommend until the end of time, however I am more of a lighter-sweeter type of person. I LOVE our lemon cake. Sometimes I prefer our fresh strawberry or raspberry icing and other times I just want the cake without the icing! 

What has been your best story/experience since opening Sugar Rush?
Sugar Rush has blessed me in so many ways. The stories, laughs, and love created because of the company amazes me. We have spent sleepless nights inside the store working to get orders done (blasting Pandora's Beyonce radio station, of course). We have dance parties which have included leaps and toe touches. The coolest thing that has happened to me since opening Sugar Rush would definitely be overhearing strangers talk about my bakery out in public and not knowing I was the owner. Or seeing others recommend my bakery on Facebook or whatnot. It is always very surreal.

How do you know how many items to make each day?
After having our store for almost 7 years it has been easier to see trends in sales and seasonal trends. However, it is still hard to guess and get it right every single day. We keep our ovens on for 2 shifts of the day so that if we do run out we are able to make some more of that flavor.

What do you think is the most important tip for a successful bakery?
I have always thought the people is what make the biggest difference. Surround yourself with great staff and you cannot go wrong! When your staff cares about the business just as much as you do the service and care they give is second to none. I also believe that presentation is equally as important as taste.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
My proudest accomplishment is one thousand percent the employees that became friends that became family. I am not sure how I was blessed with such amazing people in my life. They push me to be better, to do better, and stop and enjoy the small things. My staff past and present are truly my best friends. We text and talk late into the night, give each other life advice, go shopping together and probably my favorite tradition: have bachelor watching parties every Monday night together.

The passion & talent infused into her work is something to be admired! I hope you enjoyed reading her interview as much as I had sharing it!

The majority of her marketing is through social media & I hope you'll follow her on Facebook & on Instagram @sugarrushkc. She's great about responding to price inquiries & ideas via messages. She makes it all look so easy & it was such a pleasure working with her to bring Magnolia's first birthday vision to life. Now I'm just dreaming up a new celebration to get another cake!

Sugar Rush Bakery is located at 13778 S Blackbob, Olathe, Kansas & telephone is 913.839.2158

I know your sweet tooth is craving some of her creations, so go get some!


Wendy Correen Smith
12 Day Starter Kit Oily Challenge

12 Day Starter Kit Oily Challenge

So you've got a Young Living Starter Kit, now how do you use the oils? The ways to use the oils are truly endless & I'm literally learning something new about them every single day. I was just talking to a friend about switching out our dryer sheets for wool dryer balls. Not only are we going to save money & help the environment by ditching the toxic dryer sheets, but now our clothes are going to be free of toxic residues. We add a few drops of essential oils before throwing them in the dryer & they come out smelling amazing. Magnolia's clothes are currently being dried with Orange. It's crazy how much we do, because we've always done it a certain way, and we are clueless as to the side affects it may have on our health. I can see a shift in our society to be more focused on health & well-being & it makes me so happy to see people take charge of their health.

Today I'm sharing a 12-Day Oily Challenge using all the oils in your new starter kit!

Day One // Lemon
Add 1-2 drops of lemon to your water for digestive health. Use a glass or stainless steel container. I do this every single day!

Day Two // Lavender
Add 2-4 drops of lavender in your bath for skin support & a restful night sleep. And if you're not into baths put it in the diffuser by your bed before drifting off to dreamland.

Day Three // Peppermint
Diffuse peppermint for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Day Four // Frankincense
Apply 2-4 drops to the desired area for skin support or on the back of your neck for emotional support. Add a few drops to your face lotion to help with fine lines.

Day Five // Copaiba
Apply on the skin with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil, for muscle support or take in a veggie capsule to support immunity.

Day Six // Thieves
Diffuse Thieves and apply topically for added immune support.

Day Seven // Purification
Add 2-4 drops to clothes for a refreshing scent or add 2 drops on a cotton ball to freshen the air.

Day Eight // Digeze
Massage onto the abdomen for digestive support.

Day Nine // Panaway
Apply 2-4 drops to an epson salt bath post workout routine for muscle support.

Day 10 // R.C.
Apply 1-2 drops with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil, and apply topically for a soothing aroma.

Day 11 // Stress Away
Apply on the wrists or back of neck for an uplifting scent & relaxation.

Day 12 // Ningxia Red
Enjoy a nice 1 oz taste of a chilled glass of this refreshing drink.

Day 13 // Bonus Day
Get creative. Think of another way to utilize an oil(s) from your starter kit. Which ones might pair nicely together? Try a few drops lemon, lavender, & peppermint in your diffuser for a refreshing scent & seasonal support.

Quick Tips 
Oils can be applied topically (check recommended dilution), they can be diffused aromatically, or ingested (if they have the vitality label).

Image above via Instagram here.

Remember, there's always an oil for that!  

Wendy Correen Smith
Pinches of Pink

Pinches of Pink

Our home is filled with little pinches of pink from the pillows on our sofa, to the fireplace mantle decor, and our powder room & front door is painted Valspar's Baby Blush. Every room has just a little. Valentine's Day gave me an extra excuse to bring in all the pink, but now we have spring & Easter coming & yet another reason to bring in all the pastel colors. And lots & lots of pinks! This bathroom vanity by Elsie Larson has my mind twirling with ideas for our upper level bathroom that we plan to renovate one day soon!

Before we know it, it'll be spring & I know that you're looking forward to the warmer weather!!! I think we all are this year more than ever, especially with all the nasty flu stuff that has been going around. When the sun starts to shine longer & the winds start blow in that refreshing air that makes you want to open your sunroof & turn up the radio, you know it's time to start getting excited. When the weather starts to turn I like to bring in fresh flowers & new candles, this Capri Blue Volcano is my #1 favorite of all time. I like to update my wardrobe with at least one new pair of sandals, and I always end up in pinkish nude flip flops most days. With Easter a pink floral dress is a must! And I'm thinking that I can get rid of the diaper bag this spring & go back to a regular purse. I've got all the heart eyes for this Rebecca Minkoff vintage pink satchel! I've linked some of my favorite spring & pink products below!


Wendy Correen Smith
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