A Phone Full of Photos

It's the first part of June & Magnolia is watching the movie Grinch in her diaper with her sparkly purse on her shoulder & gold glitter jelly shoes on her feet. The glitter purse is full of random snacks from the pantry, jewelry that she's stolen from my room, a polaroid camera & some cute little drawings! Today's post is going to be a lot like her little purse full of sweetness & joy, and also so very random. We've had pool days & shopping days, birthday parties & lunch dates, afternoon bubble baths & long warm naps, dinner on the deck followed by long walks on the trails by our home, fruit + veggie smoothies in the warm sunshine, lots of adventures in the backyard with our Valentine Lollipop, sprinkle pancakes from Magnolia's Kitchen & pink peonies.

Wendy Correen Smith
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