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The Most Magical Month of 2020

December 2020, the most magical month of the year, unless of course we want to count February (also Maggie Mermaid's birthday month) when the whole entire world was naive to how it was all going to change right before our eyes. Christmas this year was nothing like years past, and I know that is true for anyone reading this. While many traditions were sadly skipped, I know Ryan & I felt the absence in our hearts much deeper than our sweet girl. I pray that Magnolia remembers this December as the one when her Elves - Poppy Poppy & Little Girl - arrived from The North Pole. The little stinkers TP'd our house on Christmas Eve. How dare they when 2020 is the year of the TP shortage? She will probably remember video chatting with Santa Claus and how he convinced her to use her electric tooth brush again. December was the month we also drank hot chocolate by the roaring fire literally every single day as Christmas movies played on repeat. We also tried hot chocolate bombs for the first time and they are as delightful and fun as they sound. And hot chocolate covered in whipped cream + chocolate syrup at all the restaurants and Starbucks too, of course, because we are obsessed. Santa's Bake Shop with my sister & nieces was a special night as the girls danced under the faux falling snow! We went shopping as much as we could, but we also had Amazon, FedEx & UPS at our house pretty much daily. We wore Christmas jammies for long afternoon naps cuddling together, Mag's did her usual modeling for Little Lucca Love, and we got fancy for our Christmas Tree Farm photos! We made the cutest Salt Dough Santa ornaments for the grandparents. I had the most fun decorating every inch of our house so that it would feel merry & bright for all of us to enjoy. Christmas music started playing on Alexa every single morning as the sun came up. We got dressed up fancy for dinner on the Country Club Plaza & then drove around after dinner to see all the mansions shining bright with the very best Christmas decorations. The Annual Gingerbread Party with the cousin crew was a day filled with too much sugar, lots of crazy laughter, and some not-so-structurally-sound gingerbread houses. Magnolia & I used the cute Gingerbread House decorations, that didn't make it on her crumbling house, to bake a cake for Christmas Eve. Our traditional dinner reservations were cancelled so we did carry-out and sat by glowing candles at our kitchen table. Mags & I drank out of wine classes and she felt as special as can be. We talked about our blessings together and to be honest the romance & intimacy may have been better than eating at the actual restaurant. And THEN SANTA ARRIVED with all her wishes and then some. It didn't snow on Christmas, BUT it snowed on New Year's Day & it was BEAUTIFUL. Magnolia laughed and screamed "THIS IS SO MUCH FUN" as Ryan pulled her rosy cheek baby doll face around our neighborhood. On Christmas break we went to the park & went for walks in the warm winter sunshine. Lastly,  I'm mushing a bit of January in here because my mom & I took Mags to my brother's restaurant earlier this week. We talked about her upcoming birthday party & he's going to bake her an extra special Frozen + Elsa cake & we CANNOT WAIT to see + taste it.  And now onto all the photos I have saved & need to share in my special spot here. 

And looking back on our month I can feel so much gratitude & love & joy and I hope that is all our sweet girl stores in her heart. This world is so different right now, but I read something today about our kids that brought me so much peace. "...God created them and called them for the exact moment in time that they're in. Their life is no coincidence or an accident. Raise them up to know the power they walk as children of God..." you can read all of it here

Now onto planning our sweet girl's FOURTH birthday party. I told her before her nap about my life four years ago today. She was in my belly, kicking me like crazy, and my heart + soul was so incredibly fascinated by the gift of her. I'm so grateful I cherished every single day I was pregnant with her. She originally wanted a mermaid birthday party, she is Maggie Mermaid after all. She quickly changed her mind when she saw another little girl's Frozen themed party. She proceeded to negotiate and told me I can have a mermaid party for my 40th birthday. I made a deal with her and I think a Frozen party is actually just as special since she was literally once frozen in time too, our little IVF miracle. 

I hope your December was a magical one and that 2021 has your heart filled with endless hope & faith. 

Wendy Correen Smith
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