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Cindy Lou Who & Martha May Who - Halloween 2019

Summer pool days often ended with cuddle time on the sofa watching one of Magnolia's favorite movies - The Grinch. We started planning our first ever family costumes back in September - Grinch with Cindy Lou Who + Martha May Who! This Halloween was a special one because it was going to be our first & last time trick-o-treating in our subdivision before our big move next week. And our subdivision makes a HUGE deal of holidays, especially Halloween. We're talking popcorn machines, haunted garages, fireball shots for the adults, firepits & more Christmas lights than at Christmas. The streets are packed with people from other cities coming to see what it's all about. She knew my sisters & their babes were coming over & that had Magnolia level 10 excited for the whole affair. She's been asking if it's Halloween for weeks & yesterday was finally THE BIG DAY! Ryan was off work and was able to go to her Halloween costume party at Kindermusik. Then we had lunch at her all time favorite place - Panera. We came home & both took a long nap before getting into our costumes.

The day was shaping up to be the very best ever. Her cousins, Harry Potter, a Heavenly Angel, & a Police Officer arrived just in time to go over to Grandma Smith's house to trick-o-treat.

With leftover snow on the fall leaves we came home & bundled up in our winter coats & snow suits. The sun was just beginning to set making it all glow around us. It was magical to watch Magnolia & Ollie walk down our street with so much pep in their steps as they anticipated the night ahead. Magnolia was warm & cozy walking down the street like a marshmallow, hands tucked into her matching polka dot mittens. 

And then all the magic stopped when she fell face first into the concrete with zero ability to brace her fall because she was a walking marshmallow with her hands tucked in the puffy mittens. Our hearts sank & I was bracing myself to see blood all over her face and missing or chipped teeth when Ryan grabbed her from the ground screaming. As we were looking her over we saw her nose was smashed and red, but not bloody, all teeth were fine, a small scratch on her forehead, AND then we saw the baseball size goose egg on the left side of her forehead. We knew we had to turn around & go back home to check her over better & that had her even more upset as she was screaming "NOOOOOO" over & over. My sister kept saying to check her pupils, but she wouldn't open her eyes. Ryan & I didn't know what to do other than take her to the ER to be checked. 

On the way to the ER she was still screaming & couldn't calm down. She wouldn't open her eyes at all and that was when we felt the most panicked. Ryan & I were crying inside out of worry & pure disappointment that her much anticipated night was ruined. At some point while on the highway I told her we would make this up to her & go to Target to get a Rainbocorn that she had been asking for every single time she saw a commercial. That managed to calm her down enough to open her eyes & watch a YouTube video commercial of one.

The ER visit was short & sweet & we're so incredibly grateful she is okay. It was apparent once we got that there and talked to the doctor that we were in a state of panic when we decided to go to the hospital. He explained that if you're going to hit your head the best place is the forehead and that since the fall was from ground level they are not as concerned.  Had she been up high or in someone's arms it would have been a different level of concern.The huge goose egg was to be expected & will look worse before it gets better. She'll probably end up with two black eyes. I asked if I needed to wake her in the middle of the night to check on her and he said "no, that's an old wives tale." The pediatric ER was amazing and they blew bubbles over her while checking her out, gave her a Halloween treat bag, and they were all incredibly loving, gentle & understanding to all three of us. We left & headed to Target to let her pick out whatever she wanted & she went straight for the Rainbocorn we had talked about before getting there.

On the way home we planned a Halloween re-do with her cousins at our new house. We have tons of candy leftover so we are going to dress them up again & let them knock on all the doors to find someone behind each one to load their baskets up with more candy. Her cousin Lucca filled her basket up with treats last night. And we got home in time for her to trick-o-treat at two of our neighbors' homes before taking a warm bath and going to bed to rest up.

Cindy Lou Who woke up this morning saying her head & nose "hurted" and asking to do Halloween today! Our hearts hurt that she missed out on all the fun, but we are very thankful she is okay. We will definitely make it up to her next week with Grandma Connie in town for the re-do.

We thought the fact that Ryan's Grinch costume didn't arrive in time was a total bummer, then the winter weather was a disappointment, only to end up in the ER. I wish I could say it was the best Halloween ever, but not this year.

I hope you're night was a spooky special one with way too much candy to eat until Christmas time!

Love xo Grinch, Martha May Who & Cindy Lou Who
Wendy Correen Smith
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