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The Last of Summer 2020

In Kansas City today the weather will be California style, sunny with a high of 74 degrees! I've got the coffee brewing, windows cracked, and little pumpkins all over the house. My Amazon cart is full of all the spookiest Halloween decor, fall scented candles are burning everyday & my sister & I have been texting festive decor ideas back & forth for days.
I just have to do one last blog post of summer before we move on to all things pumpkin & spice! This mash-up is a little bit of everything that I want to store away in my heart & didn't get a chance to share here until now.

Pool days were certainly the highlight of our summer & pretty much the only place we wanted to be outside. Maggie Mermaid cannot handle the heat unless she's in the water. Got it from her mama!!! I treated our pool days like a little getaway & we made the absolute best of them. Next year we are going to do swim lessons & I have a pretty good feeling she'll be a rock star in the water.

There were so many weekday mornings that we had the entire pool to ourselves. My sisters & mom would meet us often & we loved the quiet time with just our babes. On other days we got to meet so many of our new neighbors & Maggie Mermaid made lots of new friends. It was always a good time! Very grateful for this little sanctuary only a few steps away from our home.

A cold glass of wine, Madeleine Peyroux on Alexa, and Ryan barbequing our dinner was a happy little weekend ritual. 

Can you tell her mama was born in the 80s!?!? Quick hairdo up for a trip to the neighborhood park just around the corner.

She learned to paint her own nails this summer. She's a lefty & the right hand always turns out fabulous. She gets better & better each time she does them.

I still remember the days, like it was yesterday, when I had to dress up for work & now I'm loving this mom attire so much. Comfy clothes are my new thang!!! I still like to wear a cute dress on the weekends, but most days are like this or I'm in my leopard pajama pants. I swear Ryan will be very sick of them by 2021! 

One last BEFORE photo of our house before we had it painted white. Here is the AFTER blog post in case you missed it.

Another 2020 activity - morning yoga. This day was all her idea, and honestly I need to do it more often.

There was a shaved ice stand at the gas station right by our house. Magnolia was obsessed with it. Her favorite flavors were Birthday Cake, Bubblegum & Cotton Candy. They must have closed it for the summer already because everytime we drive by now she'll notice from the backseat & she gets pretty bummed about it's absence.

Enjoying her cup of shaved ice in the back of the car!

My sweet cousin sent her three mermaid swimsuits & this little one took a lot of baths this summer. I swear there was an afternoon she was in the water for an hour. When I told her it was time to get out her response was "I can't get out, mermaids can't walk!"

Isla Rose my newest baby niece - she is a doll baby!

Magnolia & I love to eat out & eating al fresco style is the best.

She is really the best little buddy.

We got to watch my niece's dance recital outside several weeks ago. My sisters' live in a small town that doesn't require masks. It was refreshing to be gathered around a large group of people without masks. I'm not saying masks don't serve a purpose, but we all know it's debatable. I will say I'm right smack in the middle with my opinion on them. I see both sides of the argument. Little Lucca Lou danced to Madonna & I was dancing in my seat bc she is my all time favorite!!! She did so good with the most adorable smile on her face the whole time.

The afternoon I got to hold Isla for hours! I didn't move from that chair much. Sweet baby girl has already grown so much & I'm grateful I got some moments like this to snuggle her up while she was brand new.

Since we didn't travel this summer we made an effort to try new restaurants in the downtown area. We acted like tourists in our own city & it was fun!

Sunday night trips for ice cream in her princess dress - the kind of nights I hope she remembers forever.

Home sweet home - being a homebody this summer wasn't so bad. I've always considered myself a homebody anyway.

The day she met a real life unicorn. In case you missed it you can see it here.

We had a sleepover with my sister & nieces. It was so much fun to go out to eat with them, come home to drink some wine & watch a movie with popcorn, and then the next day we hung out by the pool. Later that day we took Addy out for ice cream & walked around the downtown streets.

Hard to believe this my first "mama bear" attire!

We had a barbeque dinner under the string lights for my parents & sisters one evening after our house was painted! I only got a few selfies before everyone showed up.

Maggie Mermaid's playroom while clean, something I like to document. Forever it will be the cutest space in our home!

She did lots of modeling for my sister's children's clothing boutique Little Lucca Love.

These two putting the rocking chairs together for lots of front porch sittin'.

The best place on earth for morning coffee! Ok, maybe in 2020, because the beach is the absolute best place for morning coffee.

And now the leaves are falling!

We are just 44 days away from Halloween. We are having a hard time narrowing down our costume plans! Magnolia likes to come up with a new idea everyday, so instead of narrowing the list it's just growing bigger. On October first our house will be transformed to something spooky & we cannot wait to have a big Saturday night Halloween bash at our house!!!

Wishing you all a very happy start to the coziest season head!

Wendy Correen Smith
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