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Maggie Mermaid, Age 3

Maggie Mermaid, age 3, only a few months shy of her 4th birthday.

Call her "honey" or "sweetheart" and you'll be corrected because her name is Maggie MERMAID!

If it offers a reflection it's been graced with her kiss. All that shines in our home - every mirror, all the pretty glass, the reflective Christmas ornaments  - covered in Maggie Mermaid's puckered lips. I hope she always loves herself just like she does right now; pure, unapologetic, innocent, unconditional, confident, wholesome, sweet, & funny!

All bunnies are called Easter Bunny. 

She'll tell you hot chocolate tastes better if enjoyed through a straw. 

At night she'll sit on the sofa & watch Call the Midwife with me, like for real watch it, and get into every slice of drama. 

I tell my family all the time, she's like my little old lady friend. Old soul she is, undeniably, she's been here before. 

A little lady that crosses her hands and legs naturally. She sips her tea with her pinky out, something I never taught her. As she eats she cleans her face as she goes. Sometimes I look at her and just giggle & ask "who are you?" 

When she starts smiling she often has a hard time relaxing her face. She just cannot stop smiling & recently she discovered the sensation of an aching jaw when this happens. The happiest little girl! 

I asked her, a few weeks ago, "what is the most fun thing I do with you?" She told me "when you take me to the park!" I've been trying to take her more often, she overflows with joy as she swings in the air & slides down the slide. 

The other night we were taking a bath before bed. She has the tiniest scratch on her foot that she is anxiously waiting to heal. She looked at me and said with much frustration, "it's taking TEN MINUTES MOMMMMM, TEN MINUTES!!! Why is is taking sooooo long to get better?" I laughed realizing that I often tell her to just hold on, I will be there to do whatever she is requesting in "ten minutes!" And ten minutes clearly feels like an eternity to her. 

She is the best little mommy to all of her dolls & animals. For Christmas, we are getting her a reborn doll that looks just like she did as a baby. 

She is the light of our lives. Watching Magnolia's personality blossom is the greatest gift from above! 

Little ballerina! Her first dance recital is coming up in June!!! 

Hard to believe I need to start planning her Frozen fourth birthday party very soon! 

Tutu is from I Love Plum 
Christmas outfits were gifted from MooMooz and we have a 15% off coupon code for you: WENDY15

Wendy Correen Smith
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