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Our October Finale

Halloween is in three days! It's hard to believe October is already coming to an end. Our last weekend of the month was full of all the autumn goodness. Magnolia wore her pink poodle costume to music class, we watercolor painted her white pumpkin, we took a hayride with the Smith side of the family, & on Sunday she twirled around in the falling leaves at my sister's house! 

Magnolia absolutely adores her cousin Addy. You should just see how her face lights up when they get together! It's magical to see my sister's baby & my baby playing together with all the laughter, joy, & innocence of childhood. Yesterday my sister & I were in her backyard as Addy climbed the tree & Magnolia ran around in the crunchy leaves below. The air was breezy & then all of sudden a big gust came & knocked hundreds of orange leaves off the tree right onto Magnolia. She immediately started to laugh & twirl & my heart skipped a beat watching her dance with so much happiness. It was as though she heard music in the wind! And I'll tell you, I do believe she did, because that is the magic of childhood. 

It's funny sometimes, to think about how I grew up playing dolls with my sister, and now we have our real life babies to cherish & adore. We had no idea then that we'd be blessed with our girls, but our angels in Heaven sent us the perfect ones! Grateful!!!

Saturday was a classic October afternoon as we celebrated Ryan's brother's birthday at his parent's land. They had a shrimp boil & we went on a hayride where we found white pumpkins growing in the trees! Magnolia's favorite part was the pond & mine too. The beautiful autumn leaves reflecting in the water was just as breathtaking as it was on our wedding day! I had to tell her at least 10 times that she couldn't go running in it like she did at the beach. She sat on her grandpa's tractor & enjoyed it for about 3.5 seconds before she started to cry wanting down! 

One of the white pumpkins she got from her grandparent's was the best canvas for her watercoloring! 

This is what we call a kittypoo! What a silly pup she has.

She got to wear her Halloween costume to music class last week & it was a total hoot to see all the babes dressed up. 

And in between all of our outings we love to be at home with our Valentine! Magnolia's pup follows her everywhere she goes. I've even caught them playing on her piano together, no kidding. 

Santa will be putting a tea set under the Christmas tree so that she doesn't have to play with the shot glasses on the bar cart!!! 😉

She's getting her two year molars, early just like the rest of her teeth. She's tired, I'm tired, and in the middle of dancing & twirling she had to take a break. That smile though, makes all the rough days & nights worth it.

I hope you all have a spooky + happy Halloween. I'm looking forward to seeing this girl go out for her first trick-or-treating with her cousins!!! 


Wendy Correen Smith
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