Trick-Or-Treating With Our Pink Poodle

Last night was Magnolia's first official night of trick-or-treating! I was so excited about all the festivities ahead that I burned our dinner & we ended up going out for tacos insead. In case you didn't already know this, a Dutch oven is not a good pot to use for simmering a big pot of chili. Our house stinks so bad! Before we left for dinner we got our baby girl & puppy dressed in their costumes. Magnolia was Valentine & Valentine was Magnolia. The photos we snapped were hands down the hardest photos we've ever attempted to date. A toddler is hard enough & adding a puppy in a tutu to the mix is just CRAZY!

This is pretty much what the entire photo attempt looked like. I hope the neighbors weren't peeking out the window at our chaos!

We spent the evening with my sister & her pirate. Oh my goodness, the leaves this year are even more beautiful than ever before. Her neighborhood is older & the huge trees were raining down the orange, yellow & red leaves. It was the perfect setting for Halloween, it felt like a movie set!

We did our trick-or-treating downtown & Magnolia had Addy's lead to follow. She has a very shy side so we were expecting her to get scared & she did just fine collecting a bucket full of candy. Just fine with the exception of the creepy troll that she walked up to & turned around from about as fast as she could. This was her very first piece of candy & her trick-or-treat sounds like two long "t's" hummed together & it's adorable to hear.

She crashed out on the drive home & then never went back to sleep because now she has a cold! Today we are going to eat chicken noodle soup & M&Ms, cuddle, & hope for some restful naps because we didn't sleep a wink last night. 

Now that it's November we can admittedly start listening to Christmas music & watching all the holiday movies (truth is we started a few weeks ago, shhhhh!!!). 

I hope you all had the BEST Halloween! 


Wendy Correen Smith
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