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2017 WENDY CORREEN SMITH. Powered by Blogger.


Sugar Plum Fairy

My morning coffee is sipped by the twinkling Christmas lights as I daydream-up her pastel rainbow inspired birthday party. The merry mood of the holidays will forever be her party muse. She's just two months shy of her second birthday & "two" just happens to be a word she uses often.

We've had dance parties in our living room every single day since she learned to walk. It's the most fun & the best workout. Alexa was a happy addition to our home!

The day I took these photos I got sentimental & started to cry behind the lens as I told her "why" I'm always snapping photos of her. She was curious about my tears & the camera (I'm usually using my iPhone). We paused for a few minutes & I let her take some pictures.

I jotted down some notes about her sparkling personality. A few memories that I want to cherish with the photos - a little keepsake about who she is this December of 2018.

Her favorite song is "Happy Birthday" & she will sing it as her hips sway anytime she sees a cake or candle. Today I was flipping through a magazine, she spotted a cake & began to sing.

All songs end with cha-cha-cha + clapping including the ABCs & even a song at a funeral we attended several weeks back. Life is a celebration & she reminds me of that each day. We've started a tradition of doing a "cheers" each night after our prayer! She'll lift up her fox cup & giggle as our glasses raise & tap together. Her little fingers interlocked to say grace will forever be imprinted in my heart.

She watches Hallmark Christmas movies with the same intrigue as the movie Frozen. And she does the best reenactments of her favorite movies.

She loves to walk around the house in my glittery slippers, with her sparkly reindeer purse, & a baby doll clutched close.

M&Ms & fresh broccoli (dipped in Ranch) are consumed with the same delight. She turns her nose up to soda pop (which I'm quietly celebrating inside) & loves ice cold water, almond milk, and her mama's milk (still her very favorite).

The bond that has formed between her & Valentine Lollipop is the sweetest. I often catch her kissing her cotton ball soft fur, they both initiate cuddles throughout the day & each night before bed Valentine is Magnolia's furry foot rest. I'm grateful she gets to grow up with a dog all her own.

Magnolia has a wide range of emotions & does a great job expressing them all with a pinch of drama!

She calls food "chew," her kind heart says "t-ank you" properly (& often), when she's in her carseat/stroller/high chair/crib she says she's "stuck" & of course it always makes us giggle.

She enjoys all music, but her excitement & immediate dance moves & singing when she hears Orange Blossom Special by Johnny Cash is really something to remember. Even her toes wiggle when it comes on & her attempt at snapping her fingers is adorable. It's like she can feel music through her veins. Her grandpa plays it for her each time he sees her!

I reflect on my wait for her often. The gift of learning hopeful expectation. And now the gift of daily wonder as I get to know her soul & who she is becoming.

Wishing you a season of hopeful expectation with all the joy & traditions this season can bring.

As Magnolia would say, CHEERS & CHA-CHA-CHA!!! 
Wendy Correen Smith
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