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Week Three of Home Isolation & Making the Ordinary Magic

We are right in the middle of week three of home isolation & I have to say this week has been much easier than last. Week one I had the mindset of "I can do this, no problem" excited about all the memories we'd make, week two I thought often "how on earth will we get through a month or more of this?", and now here we are on week three & I have to say I'm used to it. Now next week might be a new story, but this week has been pretty good so far. The warmer weather has made everything a millions times better. Being able to go for walks every single day, along with wine on the front porch & fires on the back patio has been a very welcomed treat. All the bushes, trees, & shrubs around the house are blooming & it is a little surprise every morning to see what awaits us in the yard. I'm almost certain we have several peony bushes popping up from the ground & my heart might explode from excitement. It's a dream come true to have a yard full of flowering shrubs! We have plans to add more flowers & a little garden that I'm determined to bring to life with herbs & veggies.

We literally haven't gone anywhere since we committed to staying home, other than a grocery pick-up a few weeks ago. We haven't even been eating out with delivery or carry-out & it's just crazy how long it's been since we've gone inside a store! Magnolia asks every single day "are the people all better yet?"

Home is where you'll find us until further notice. We are doing our part while praying for miracles! I look at the graphs & I read the statistics because numbers fascinate me, and well they are frightening, but you know what, God is working miracles I just know it. I think the world is shifting to a better place during this slow down time & it's going to be better when we come out of this. Can you just imagine how it'll feel to have your first get together with your loved ones? How wonderful it'll be to hug goodbye without a worry? Imagine the gift of putting our phones down to engage in real life heartfelt conversation. The list of things we all took for granted before this is never ending, we all miss so much of our "normal" and now we will come out of this seeing what a gift it was to be able to get our hair done, to have our teeth cleaned, to drop our dog off at the groomers, to eat out at a restaurant, to hear the sound of laughter as kids play together. And during this time of missing all that we took for granted, we have this opportunity to make the ordinary become magic at home. We have time to slow down and not feel rushed in anything we do. We don't have anywhere to go, no schedules, no timelines. There are blessing on top of blessings during this time.

Last night as I was sipping on my wine, Magnolia asked for a fancy glass. She picked out a champagne flute & sipped her water like a little lady. We said "cheers" and I thanked God. These are the little moments that are actually the big ones. Making the ordinary magic...& she's my magic!

Holding her as she sleeps is a gift I never take for granted. Now that we are home even more, I get to hold her as she sleeps even more. As she's getting older & bigger & becoming less & less of a baby I find these moments extra special. 

She has no idea how much I just stare at her.

Today I watched her play on the sofa with her baby & she is the sweetest little mommy. I love hearing the way she interacts with her dolls & all the stories she tells them. 

We do a Zoom call with our Kindermusik class every Thursday now. We are grateful for a tiny bit of normalcy in our routine. 

They watch movies like this every morning while I sip on coffee & do chores. 

Spring time in our neighborhood is breathtaking. 

Playing on the front porch with all of her pink poodles! 

She's full of stories & lately she pretends her cousins are over to play. It's incredibly adorable, but it also breaks my heart because I know how badly she misses them.

Lunch on the patio in the warm sunshine...

I hope you are staying well, I hope you finding a new normal that is sprinkled with blessings from above, & I hope that we all come out of this better than we were before. 

Virtual hug xoxo 
Wendy Correen Smith
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