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There's Always Sunrises, Rainbows & Babies

I had a good cry this morning. I watched a FB Live post by a high school friend that is volunteering as an ER nurse for 21 days at a hospital in the Bronx. Her real life experiences about what is happening within the walls of NYC hospitals just ripped out my heart. It's one thing to hear stories on the news, and while they are painful stories to listen to, it really hits home to hear it from a personal friend. The semi-truck morgues on the side of the road, her friend nurses Facetiming relatives of ICU patients while they die alone, & the risks they take each day as they reuse PPE - it's hard to hear. I have no idea how she does it, or how any nurse or doctor can do what they do. They are angels on Earth.

Then I watched Magnolia put on a swimsuit & run around pretending she was at the pool with her cousin Ollie. I overheard her saying "the people are sick" something she says daily. Watching her play alone every single day with imaginary friends & pretending her cousins are over is taking a toll on me. Yesterday, Ryan & I were talking on our way home from our nephew's parade birthday party, where we saw all of our family but couldn't even hug them, about how serious this is for the children. This is an entire year (or more) of their childhood they'll never get back. In my last blog post I talked about how hard we are trying to be fun & even more involved in her play, but I'll never be able to be her four year old cousin Ollie. That's just the sad reality.

We've been listening to the Willie Nelson station on Spotify lately & the song Bring My Flowers Now by Tanya Tucker always comes on & stops me in my tracks. "There's always sunrises, rainbows and babies........So if you've got love, then you're sittin' on a gold mine" 

Sorry, I like this little spot on the internet to be a place of inspiration & happiness, but also real. And today, on this rainy Monday morning, I'm not feeling as cheery as I normally do. I know I'm not alone as I feel sad & worried for the world and our children.

Ending with......there's always sunrises, rainbows & babies. 

Wendy Correen Smith
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