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The Red House

A few weeks ago I dreamed I was standing in my grandparent's kitchen, by the window over their sink. I told my grandpa with all the excitement, joy & hope, that I wanted to buy their red house. I don't remember him saying anything to me, only a sense of acknowledgement & peace. Peace that he understood & was taking care of the details. The feeling of being inside the home I was raised felt euphoric. I went down to the basement & then my grandma came running down straight to me and gave me the tightest, warmest, longest hug. She said something to me about my heart & missing her. I woke in tears, strong emotional tears, not sad but overwhelmed because it felt so real. It felt as though I had been with them for only a fleeting moment, but enough time to fill me with an enormous amount of excitement. I had never dreamed of them together before.

This dream occured right at the same time as we had put our house on the market so that we could move into a red house that looks as though it belongs on the streets of Charleston. The red is the same shade as my grandparent's house. The next morning I told Ryan about the dream & I said with an otherworldly confidence, we will get an offer on our home on October first, my grandpa's birthday! I said, "just watch it happen!"

October first came & I woke wishing I could sit at the kitchen table and drink coffee with my grandpa. I thought of him all day, thinking about how we'd celebrate with cake & gifts if he were still here. It's hard to believe he's been gone for 27 years. At dinner my phone rang & it was our realtor. And guess what? We got a full asking price, non-contingent offer, on my grandpa's birthday - October first! I was choking back tears when I told my realtor I already knew the offer was coming on this exact day. And Ryan looked at me with huge + amazed eyes because it really did happen. I was jumping up & down wanting him to acknowledge the date with me & he did, surprised as always when this kind of stuff happens to us.

I've been waiting to share this house for the right moment & here it is! Our next home & we are so excited for the next chapter that will begin in early November. November!!!! Just in time for Thanksgiving & Christmas. We are so incredibly grateful!!!

Our angels, I miss them so much, but I'm glad they're always close by.

Next project up --- propagating our Magnolia tree! Wish me luck on rooting our special tree.

Prayers, faith, dreams, angels, sixth-sense, spirituality, synchronicity, signs from above --- all of it, it's so real & so beautiful. All the missing & aching for the ones we love that have gone can be miraculously wonderous if we believe & connect. They're always with us!

Can't wait to share more house news soon.

Wendy Correen Smith
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