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2017 WENDY CORREEN SMITH. Powered by Blogger.


Summer Lovin'

Hello there! We've been so busy enjoying summer this little space of mine has been on the back burner. I was looking at photos of Magnolia in 2019 & my heart was taken back in time. I'm a broken record when I say this to the mamas - TAKE ALL THE PHOTOS - even the simple things that don't seem like such a big deal! The last photo on here is Mag's being a loving mama bear to her Elsa doll & I just want to cover her in kisses when I look at it.  

The biggest event of the last few weeks was Magnolia's FIRST EVER dance recital at the Kansas City Music Hall. I dressed her up as a princess, and I held her hand backstage & led her to the elevator with her little princess friends. I kissed her forehead and told her how proud I am and we parted ways. I went to the audience and sat front row with Ryan. And then she walked on the huge, bright & loud stage. As soon as the bright lights came on & I saw her up there literally SPARKLING my entire soul was flooded with joy & pride. It was impossible to hold in all the feelings that overcame me - the tears wouldn't stop. At four years old she shined like a star on stage. She was either singing her heart out or smiling so big you could feel the happiness. The confidence that radiated from her is what I will forever remember & the way she SPARKLED like a ballerina unicorn mermaid princess. She had so much fun and that is the most important part of all. All the years I dreamed of being a mother and now we have this little girl to thank God for every moment of every day. So much gratitude it hurts, in a really really good way! And about dance, I think it's going to be a big part of her/our life because she is OBSESSED. 

We have been busy going out to dinner (a love we all share). Mags woke up so excited about our fancy dinner plans tonight to celebrate Ryan's 40th birthday. My sister hosted the 4th of July. I had texted my sisters to tell them I was wearing overalls and a bandana if anyone wanted to be twinkies with me. You'll see below how it all worked out! Pool days on repeat and summer dance class for our little ballerina. Magnolia's butterfly garden has exploded! 

Ice Cream + Day Dream 

This day is etched in my heart as my first proudest mom moment of my life! I know there will be plenty more, but this one will forever be the most special. 

I already printed one of these photos for the walls! 

Grateful for my sisters, mom & Papa Jesse for being a part of such a very special day for us!

Looks as though he'll be a darn good dance dad! 

We were in the car for about one minute before she passed out.

God Bless America

Rolly Polly pet owner...if you zoom in you'll see them crawling on her. 

My sisters & our babies. 

Her goofy side comes out big time when she's with her cousins. 

These two literally laughed together for hours straight. Magnolia thinks Ollie is the FUNNIEST guy in the whole world. I love listening to their conversations that usually end up being the silliest arguments. Two peas in a pod, these two. 

Pool days with my mermaid & matching with my mini. xo

I was a few months shy of my 36th birthday when I gave birth to her. Sometimes I get lost in those angelic blue eyes, the eyes I longed to love for so many years before she came. Her soul, one I feel I've loved forever, as if she was always a part of me waiting to be my daughter. I love her to tears!  Thank you dear Lord in Heaven for the gift of Magnolia Caroline. Infertility comes with blessings, for 35 years that seemed impossible, but now I know the deep deep depth of love created in the waiting. She is our slice of Heaven on Earth. 

Magnolia got a butterfly growing kit for her fourth birthday. And when it was time to let them go she really struggled with the idea of freeing them. She cried about it and worried about them for months. Every time it rained she'd ask if they were okay. We planted flowers that attract butterflies and I told her they'd be back to visit and they came back!!! 

We transformed our vegetable garden to a flower garden using seeds & it will be our new spring thing! I'm not much of a gardener, but I am a huge flower lover!!! 

Sunny days. & Glory to the light of the world (Lauren Daigle song). 

The simple moments in between it all. 

This weekend we are celebrating Ryan's 40th birthday, also celebrating my niece's first birthday, AND topping it off by going to Blippi the Musical!!! 

Hope you're having the best summer xoxo
Wendy Correen Smith
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