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Florida 2021 - MEMORIES

Two weekends ago, my sister and her family & ours, packed up our cars and very excitedly set out on a road trip to FLORIDA!!! Five out of six of us were very naive to what a 20 hour drive to the ocean would be like. Ryan warned us, but we insisted anyway. Oh what fun it would be!!! OMG it was B-R-U-T-A-L!!! We even stayed in a hotel at the halfway point in Tennessee. The kids did way better than the adults - thank goodness for iPhones + iPads and the ability to nap in the car. Magnolia said the coolest part of all was seeing all the cities and big buildings along the way, and I have to say the absolute worst part of all were some of the bathrooms we had to use. NEVER AGAIN. New roadtrip rule: EIGHT HOURS MAX! 

As soon as we got to our condo and saw the ocean from our balcony we started to relax and let loose. And the moment we got into the water we all agreed it was worth the gawd-awful-drive. The water was crystal clear & the sand was powdery soft! We were all in a state of bliss when on the beach & in the water. The ocean is good for the soul! This was our third time to Indian Shores, Florida, and our plans for the trip are always the same: coffee on the balcony, BEACH, lunch, BEACH, dinner. This trip we actually added in a few tourist-y things, which is hard for me because I hate to miss one minute of time on the beach. I'm happy we did though because we took Magnolia to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and she absolutely LOVED IT. She's still talking about how they rescue dolphins. And one night after dinner Ryan and I, took Addy and Magnolia, miniature golfing at a place right down the road from our condo. It was a last minute decision and we kept them up way past their bedtime, but it was totally worth it. It was one of the funnest nights of the trip. The girls were very serious little golfers and we even got to feed the crocodiles. 

On the beach the girls ran free + wild. In my heart I've stored the sound of their laughter and the joy on their faces. I'm sure they'll remember this trip 30 years from now. We cancelled our dinner reservation on the last night of our stay so that we could be on the beach at sunset. I'm so grateful we didn't miss the four rainbows that appeared after a wild storm, and the way the sky turned from bright blue to cotton candy pink right before our eyes. A piece of Heaven on Earth! 

We took a shower after spending the whole day on the beach & then ran down in our jammies right at sunset. 

Addy's idea to put their handprints in the sand & a photograph to capture the size of their little hands in 2021. 

Oh my heart - singing out gratitude for moments like this. 

The water was crystal clear. When we were out further in the water we could see thousands of little fish swimming around us. 

She loved collecting sea shells and has a sweet little collection at home now. 

Seeing the ocean through her eyes was the greatest blessing of them all. 

Magnolia missed her dance team try-outs while we were out of town. Her dance studio let her come in before we left & then we found out she made the team while in Florida! We are so very proud of our little dancer. She loves nothing more than dancing & twirling. She is officially a SUGAR BABY for the 2021-2022 dance year. 

Ryan and I were on Zillow several times looking at condos on the beach in Indian Shores. What a dream it would be to have a home away from home AT THE BEACH!!! 

Dinner at Frenchy's

My Irish Twin sister - I'm so happy we get to do this Florida trip together. Our grandparents & aunt started taking us to Florida when we Magnolia's age & the memories are truly cherished. 

Condo selfie with my mini taking a selfie behind me. 

This was the night we ate on a covered patio and the wildest thunderstorm we have ever heard came rolling in. The buildings around us were literally shaking. Thunderstorms always excite me, but poor Magnolia was terrified. We had to FaceTime grandma so she could see what was going on!

And while we waited for the storm to pass the sweetest waitress had Magnolia & Addy color a photo for their walls. I had to take a photo because this was the first time either of them had their artwork on a business wall. Memories!!!

After dinner ice cream is a must while at the beach!

A night with the most fun of all - miniature golfing!

Brunch then Beach!

We love this little cafe with a patio that feels like a boho rainforest. All I have to do for the cutest smiles is tickle!

Back to the beach!

Post beach naps are the coziest of them all. 

I remember she fell asleep on me several times when we were in Florida three years ago, and I didn't think it'd happen again, but it did! My heart in a photo. 

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium where they rescue injured and sick dolphins. One of the dolphins came up to the window and kissed Magnolia. 

Too cool for school. 

The storms over the water were pure energy & magic. 

God's artwork in the sky would transform colors in a matter of minutes. 

Our beach trip was nothing short of magical. I'm so grateful we got to go with my sister's family and make memories that we will all cherish in our hearts forever. 

We've only got a few more weekends of summer. It's still awfully hot in Kansas City and Magnolia and I dreaming of cooler weather and falling leaves, but until then we will be poolside. The only place to be when it's sooooo hot! 

I hope you enjoy every last minute of summer! xoxo
Wendy Correen Smith
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