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Don't Trade Your Authenticity for Approval

I turn 4-0 in April! And she turned 4 in February! 

I look at her & think about all that life has taught me that I am blessed to teach her. When I'm in deep thought, I realize she is the one teaching me. She loves with purity, she does what she wants, she never worries about what anyone thinks of her, she speaks her mind, she is kind & true. She is her authentic self. She is MAGGIE MERMAID full of all that sparkles and shines. I promise to do my damndest to keep her light shining bright always.

As I consciously parent her, one of the many things I have to be careful of doing is granting "approval." And saying this is good or this is bad, or you should say this or do that. As I make this effort to let her soul shine in its truest form I see that I get to relearn the same lessons.

+ It's okay NOT to be everyone's cup of tea.
+ It's okay to say no to things that you don't want to do. "NO THANKS!" carries a lot of power & the freedom feels so damn good.
+ Create boundaries that support YOUR flourishing.
+ Don't do things out of obligation. Do things out of love & joy.
+ You need to know who you are so you aren't told who you are.

I want unshakeable confidence to be her guiding light. Her love for herself should rise above all else. She only has one person to please - MAGGIE MERMAID. I hope she spends time in prayer and meditation so listening to her heart and following her dreams is as natural as eating, sleeping, & breathing.

Thanking God for the gift of motherhood & the gift of Magnolia. All children offer a gift - a reminder of how to be TRUE & AUTHENTIC!

p.s. off to make her toast with ketchup for breakfast!

Wendy Correen Smith
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