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Seeing Family Again

This past week made for a memorable one. We finally got to see our family after staying away from the ones we love for over a month! It was the most normal feeling weekend we've had in a long time. My mom came over bright & early Saturday morning to help us plant flowers & bushes. It was so nice having her there to help, especially since I have no clue what I'm doing yet. I never thought I'd enjoy gardening so much. We planted a Wisteria bush on the backside of our outdoor fireplace. I can't wait to watch the amethyst flowers take over our back patio. We also added two Itoh pink peony bushes, a Common lilac, Blushing Bride hydrangea, white azalea bush, along with sprinkles of annual flowers throughout. In our garden we planted lavender, two tomato plants, and a red pepper plant. Ferns were added to our front porch & lots of mulch all around our house & trees. Sitting back & admiring our hard work made for a nice end to a beautiful weekend.

In just a few weeks our painters should be ready to work on our house & I just cannot wait to see our home all white. I know the green trees shining against an all white exterior is going to be amazing. Take a guess at the front door color!

The front porch is where you'll find us this summer. We sat out here any free moment we had this past weekend & Ryan kept telling me how happy he was that we got this home. If you didn't know, he didn't like the house at first. It took several months to talk him into it. I knew he'd end up falling in love with it & he did! We are just so grateful no one else snatched it up while I was trying to convince him it was meant for us. 
The movie "Storks" is on Amazon now & I still need to sit down to watch it with her. It looks so incredibly cute.

Last week my sister & the kiddos met us so we could watch the Whiteman Air Force flyover the local hospital to salute our healthcare workers. This was their first time being near each other since March & I know it'll be a special memory for them during this time. 

I've been letting Magnolia dress herself lately, and this outfit is one of the bests. On Sunday she wore her Cindy Lou Who Halloween costume & she was one proud little girl!

There was a wicked thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, right as we were about to walk out the door to go to my sister's house. I turned the news on to see when the storm would pass & they were talking about the local businesses opening back up. This little girl was so tuned into it & she literally started jumping up and down yelling for me "mommy, the stores are opening back up, the stores are opening back up!" She looked at me and asked with so much seriousness, "are the people all better yet?" I didn't know how to respond, but I went ahead and said "yes, I think people are getting better." You'd think she was entering Disney World for the first time, the way she jumped up & down saying "the people are all better, the people are all better!" It took everything in me not to start crying. Her little heart, full of so much compassion & worry too, feeling a relief that I didn't realize my little three year old needed to feel. It's so so hard to know how much they understand & how this is affecting them. I kept telling myself when this all started that it's only a month or two of missing out on childhood fun, and now looking back, I realize it was much harder than I thought it would be. It has affected her much more than I would have guessed going into this. Maybe my naive optimistic entrance into this time was a blessing & protection. She has without a doubt been impacted by this & will remember it. I know there are so many life lessons wrapped up in this time, and sacrifices were made for the greater good, but in no way do I believe it should be minimized either. On the drive to my sister's house she looked around & yelled from the backseat about businesses being open while she pointed to all of them. When we finally got to my sister's house she had her first playdate with Addy since early March. She literally laughed for hours straight. My heart needed it, just as much as she did. Time with family cannot be taken for granted. We need social connection, we need to be able to touch & hug & make eye contact, especially children.

My sleeping angel.

On a totally different note, if you're into hot tea, pick-up some Tazo Glazed Lemon Loaf. I got mine from Target & added a slice of lemon on top. So good, I got my sister obsessed with it too. 

Wendy Correen Smith
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