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The Miracle of Creating Life

I've got all the emotions flowing lately. Saturday morning I read our pregnancy announcement post that I shared back in July. What we went through to get pregnant is always on my mind and in my heart.  I'm always grateful and aware of what a gift she is to us, but it was nice to read what I'd shared all over again. There were so many miracles and signs from above that lead us to our baby girl and I think that I'm really getting back to that spiritual intuitive state again as we get closer and closer to meeting her earth side. I think about our labor and I pray about it often. I hope and dream it to be as miraculous as our wedding day and the day that we did the IVF transfer of our golden embryo that is now our unborn daughter. I think about my grandma that went to Heaven last year, and I think about how her tender loving angelic presence will be with us as we bring our daughter into this world.

The miracle of growing a baby in the womb cannot be put into words. All I can say is that I'm trying my very hardest to bottle up all the moments of awe and inspiration. I'm trying to document with photos and writings so that I can tell our little girl how much we loved & dreamed of her from literally Day One of her life.

On Saturday night Ryan and I took a tour of our hospital maternity ward and we did all the pre-registration paperwork. On the way there Ryan said, "and you're going to have MY baby!" and I remember my heart feeling like it was going to explode with happiness and I reached over for his warm hand and I thanked God. Walking around the hospital and looking in the labor & delivery room made it all feel even more real. There are times this all feels like a dream. Ryan and I have talked about her birthday often, and he knows my dreams and goals for the day. We also know that the ultimate importance is that our daughter and myself are healthy. We plan to pray and go with the flow. It'll be only him and me in the labor and delivery room. We want a quiet and peaceful energy. And just like this pregnancy, I plan to take it all in. I know he'll be amazing and supportive!

This Wednesday I'll be eight months pregnant. And that means only eight more weeks until her due date. Ryan is so cute. He already has a specific day, date, and time that he thinks I'll go into labor, along with a guess for the time she'll be born. On the way home from the hospital he told me to put his guess on the calendar. And so there on our Google calendar is a possible birthday for our daughter. I hope he's right because he's thinking a short labor. Everyone is guessing her size and amount of hair. Of course, with my awful acid reflux the guess is that she'll have a significant layer of dark hair. We shall see if the old wives tale, that was scientifically proven to be true, is accurate in our case.

Sunday morning we hung her adorable mobile above the crib. Then we sat in her nursery and Ryan played songs on his phone and we talked about the playlist we need to get ready for labor & delivery. I said I want a lot of hippie music, along with gospel and classical. I don't know why, but I think the hippie music will help me tune into my inner natural strength.

Sunday night we had our first Christmas party of the season. All my little nieces were rubbing my belly and although Sweet Pea was kicking and moving around before I showed them where to put their little hands, she'd stop. I think she has shy side and wonders who the heck all these people are that like to touch her through my skin. She has a whole gang of cousins anxiously waiting to love on her! She is loved and spoiled already.

Merry Christmas, with much love xo

p.s. this little snuggle bug must know there's a baby on the way because she's taken her cuteness up a level!

Wendy Correen Smith
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