Yaya's Alpaca Farm

A few weeks ago Ryan took an entire week off of work & we had a little stay-cation in Kansas City. We have an ever growing list of places we want to visit & restaurants we want to try & having a week to devote to exploring our own town was exactly what we did. Even with a whole week we only got through about 1/4 of the list, so I guess that means he'll need to take another week off this fall! If you've never done a stay-cation before, I highly recommend it. We always tend to book trips away from home when he's off work, and we even tossed that idea around, but ultimately decided to stay home & enjoy all that KC has to offer.

One sunny afternoon we drove down south to a place called Yaya's Alpaca Farm. I had no idea what to expect & even wondered if Magnolia would be scared of the alpacas like she is the scary-eyed goats. All I knew was that they had new babies at the farm & I think I was the most excited among the three of us! When we got there we sat on some long benches in the air conditioned barn with a bunch of other bright eyed guests. The farmer came in to greet us & told us all about his babies & how they came to be. I was brought to tears when he shared his story about love & loss, being at his lowest point of life, & then being saved. The farm is full of passion & love & kindness & faith, and it just felt really good to be there with all the sweet creatures. After he told us all about the farm & the alpacas we went outside to meet the females. Christmas is the alpaca wearing braces & she's famous at the local children's hospital. So sweet.

Magnolia called out to the baby saying "come here baby" over & over again. Once it got close enough she'd stick her hand out & kind of back up. She wanted a healthy distance & her cautious yet curious side was shining through all day. Even with her hesitations she was smiling & laughing the whole time & it was pure joy watching her with them!

If you live in Kansas City or if you're planning a trip here, adding Yaya's to your to-do list would make for a very happy afternoon. 

All the other fun stuff we did will be up on the blog soon! Now I'm off to do laundry with the windows wide open & cold coffee in hand. 

Thank you, friends, for coming along on our summer adventures as we wrap them up! Hard to believe it's almost pumpkin + sweater season. xo 
Wendy Correen Smith
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