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Pastel Colors of the Rainbow Second Birthday Party

On Sunday our sweet Magnolia Caroline woke up as a two year old little lady! The day could not have been any more magical or beautiful. This winter has been the coldest ever & the popular word for the season is polar vortex. Sunday though, Sunday was like a warm sunny spring day mixed in between all of our coldness. The forecast had said it'd be 60 degrees & cloudy & I said a little prayer that the sun would come out. The celebration started at one o'clock & at 12:30 the sun surprised us by peeking out from behind the clouds. The hundreds of pastel rainbow colored balloons shined in the windows making the entire party feel dreamy & colorful, just like Magnolia does for our lives!

I made her birthday cake from scratch using an American buttercream icing recipe. It had its imperfections (that I secretly like), but everyone said it tasted delicious, even my chef brother!

The cousins made ribbon wands & snacked on a birthday chex mix made with: vanilla chex, strawberry vanilla wafers, pastel marshmallows, pink M&Ms, Lucky Charms, white chocolate chips, & frosted animal crackers.

The ladies drank Rose & we also had sparkling pink lemonade & strawberry + lemon infused water.

I didn't have a theme for the party, I just knew I wanted all the pastel colors of the rainbow & the ribbons from our wedding day that once belonged to my grandma.

Magnolia at two years old! She has filled our lives with more happiness than I've ever known in my life. Her soul is a gentle one with so much love & kindness. We were at Target today & she heard a baby crying in the distance & she said "shhhh shhhh (just like she does for her baby dolls)" then she said "come" as if to say "I'm coming!" At only two years old her natural reaction to a crying baby is to offer comfort & that is her in general. She's just overflowing with love in every way.

She is very passionate about dancing & singing every single day! I jokingly said her word for 2019 is "tutu" because she intends to wear tutus more than pajamas. The funny thing about my joke, is that she wakes up each morning insisting to wear a tutu.

She talks & sings all the time, although she has a shy side also. She doesn't talk to strangers & it takes her a little bit to warm up to new people.

She's obsessed with M&Ms & her mama's milk! She's also a fan of avocado toast & sparkling water. 

Her daddy is the love of her life & the coolest, funniest, kindest man on this earth! The way she reacts when he comes home from work is the most adorable thing ever. She yells "DADDY" and runs with wide open arms to the garage door waiting for him to come in.

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday, but it was the birth of me as well. The day she was born I was born again & God knows I am beyond grateful for the blessing of her!

Heaven sent.

This was the first time all the cousins were together to play in Magnolia's new playroom! 

Ryan was in charge of hot gluing the ribbon wands!

Before we had birthday cake we played a game called - Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow! I will take credit for this game because I searched Pinterest for it & couldn't find anything. I painted the canvas down in the basement one afternoon & then cut out clouds using blue & gray scrapbook paper. The kids enjoyed being blindfolded & spun in a circle & we enjoyed watching them stumble to the rainbow. 

Magnolia knew exactly what to do when we started to sing Happy Birthday. Her legs were kicking with excitement, she sang along with us as she filled her lungs with air to blow out the candles & then she said cha-cha-cha as she clapped her little hands together! 

I had the cake on the table when she woke up Sunday morning & she immediately ran to the silverware drawer to get a spoon in hopes of getting a taste. The birthday girl had to wait for what felt like the entire day before she could get a bite of her cake!

The soft pastel rainbow & unicorn from Blabla Kids dolls are a gift she'll cherish for many years to come. And they'll forever remind me of this charming day.

Magnolia calls her cousin Adalyn, Addy Girl, and also her best friend. Addy came over with a BFF necklace & Magnolia was so incredibly proud of it. She couldn't stop touching it & she showed it to everyone with a huge smile on her face. After the party she continued to admire it & say "Addy Girl!" 

Papa Jesse with "his girls" as he calls us! 

This was our living room on the eve of her birthday. The arches were very easy to make, but also very time consuming. It took us at least four hours to make the one above the kitchen table & another two hours to do the one in the living room. I'll link the supplies we used to make them at the end of the post. 

Magnolia had a joyful time dancing in the balloons before we assembled the arch!

Papa got her a Calico Critters playhouse & no exaggeration she played with it for over six hours yesterday. Best birthday gift of all....

Our house is still filled with confetti of color & I'm still snacking on all the sugary treats & most importantly I'm still reminiscing about two years with Magnolia. I'm reflecting on all that this little girl has taught me about life & love. She has made our lives richer & fuller in every possible way. We've had dance parties in our living room while wearing pajamas almost every single day since she started to walk. I drove home today as she screamed & cried because I took the pen away from her & I thanked God for the gift of tantrums. Our fridge & walls are decorated with her tiny masterpieces & we've built tents using our kitchen cabinets. I've watched her imagination run wild as we've dreamed of far off magical places. We've made up goofy songs that I'd be embarrassed for anyone else to hear. My body has nourished hers for almost three years & we've never slept farther than a few feet away from one another since the day she was born. She has me in a constant state of gratitude & I'll forever thank God for the gift of motherhood & this girl sent from Heaven above. I sure do love who she is & her soul that I've been blessed to call my daughter. She's a rainbow! 

With love xo

Shop the party supplies below & if you have any questions please leave a comment below. 

Wendy Correen Smith
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