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12 Breastfeeding Essentials You'll Want to Purchase Before Bringing Home Baby

In just a few short weeks Magnolia & I are going to celebrate TWO years of breastfeeding! It feels like such a huge accomplishment & something I will forever be proud of doing. The health benefits of extended breastfeeding (for the both of us) are amazing. I love all the research & new information that comes out daily about the liquid gold.

If we count the time spent doing IVF egg retrieval & then the frozen embryo transfer, I can say my body has been shared with her for three years. Ryan laughs about how the breastmilk must be "damn good" because she still loves it a whole lot. She picks it over a meal at least once a day & she'd still love to nurse all night long if I'd let her. I'm working on another blog post to share all that I've learned along the way + helpful tips for new moms. Today I'm sharing all the essentials that help make nursing your baby just a little easier.

1. The Boppy Pillow - Add this to your baby registry & take it to the hospital with you. Also you'll want to purchase extra covers. Your newborn will have a diaper explosion on it & you don't want to be without a fresh clean cover.

2. Water Bottle - You want to drink all the water you can to keep that milk production up. I literally drank water all night long in the beginning & I still don't leave the house without my water. The better hydrated you are the more milk you'll make.

3. Granola - Oats & granola help milk production. I kept granola on my nightstand & I still eat a Cliff bar with my coffee every single morning.

4. Lanolin - Ok, I tried the hippie stuff first & it didn't work for me. Once I started using the Lanolin my chapped, broken, bleeding nipples started to improve. I would highly suggest taking a tube to the hospital with you.

5. Postnatal Vitamins - You will be giving your baby many of the nutrients you are taking in & you'll definitely want to supplement your body with all the good stuff. I still take three of the New Chapter Postnatal Vitamins after dinner every night. I've got a subscription on Amazon & I never run out!

6. Bottle Drying Rack - If you plan to pump then you'll need a place to dry all your pumping equipment. I liked the clean & simple look of the Boon Grass.

7. Nursing Pads - I used the bamboo washable nursing pads. Don't worry you won't need to use them for too long. I felt a huge breath of freedom once I stopped leaking, but until then you need some soft nursing pads!

8. Breastmilk Freezer Bags - In the beginning, as you build up your milk supply, you'll want to pump & freeze your milk. You'll need lots of freezer bags!

9. Pretty Nursing Bra - I could & should do an entire blog post on nursing bras. My advice, have one or two pretty nursing bras to wear under your clothes when you go out. And then for home see #11 below.

10. Breast Pump - Your health insurance company should cover this.

11. Lace Bralette - I learned this later in the game. A lace bralette is perfect for wearing around the house! They are comfortable & cute & easy to pull down! You don't need a nursing bra for home. I wish I would have realized this before Magnolia was almost a year old. Also, I lived in my robe for the first month, so get a cute one (or two)!

12. Heating Pad - You probably already have a heating pad at home, but if not, get one. If you become engorged & at risk for mastitis in the first few weeks, then heat is your friend. It's also nice to use for general aches & pains after birth.

Breastfeeding Magnolia has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The warmth of her little body against mine, all the oxytocin flowing through my body & just watching her fall asleep in my arms is incredible. And I get to do this numerous times a day! It's a gift. It was hard in the beginning, toe clinching painful, but now it is nothing short of miraculous. Later I will do a more detailed post with all the helpful tips I've learned along the way.

As always, please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. Shop the post by using the pink highlighted links above or the product images below.


Wendy Correen Smith
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