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18 Months

Magnolia at 18 months could not be any sweeter. It's been a while since I sat down & wrote about her & the soul that fills our days with so much happiness. Yesterday I was looking at photos of her from last summer when she was just a little baby that I carried everywhere. Then last night we went out for Mexican with some of Ryan's coworkers & on the way to the car she walked the streets of the city holding both of our hands. Moments like that often stand still when I'm watching her grow right before our eyes. Then this morning I woke up to her walking (in her sleep sack) in our bed next to me & she just about fell on my head. She gave me a little kiss to say she was sorry for almost smashing my face with her 22 pound body! Her personality is growing about as fast as her body & it's fun, really fun getting to know her. God picked us to be her parents! I think about that often & I pray that each day we are doing our best raising her into the girl God created her to be. 

I've been writing about her love for music since she was a brand new baby. I may have even mentioned how much she'd wiggle around inside of me when I was pregnant & listening to certain songs. She came into this world with an appreciation for music & now she sings in the loudest most confident voice ALL THE TIME! On our way home from dinner she was singing almost the whole way home. And then the DANCE PARTIES. No kidding we have a dance party at least four times a day. She hasn't requested a song from Alexa yet, but I know the day is coming. It could be a commercial on Ryan's phone that catches her attention & she'll just start dancing. I hope she never loses the happiness & freedom that comes from dancing whenever her heart desires. We plan to get her started with piano lessons as soon as we can! Ryan & I both wish we would have learned how to play the piano & here's to hoping she'll enjoy it as much as we dream she will.

She loves to hold our hands whenever we're walking somewhere & I cannot tell you how much happiness it brings me. Just seeing her little hand reach up for mine is a one second moment that fills my entire day with joy. This summer has been a magical one as we get to see all the firsts through her eyes. I'm trying my hardest to hold onto every single part of this stage!

Her hair is finally long enough for piggy tails & I plan to put them in her hair until she's 16 😉. She is a girly girl. She's very gentle & careful, most of the time. I say that, but I must mention that she has been reenacting pieces of Beauty & The Beast. One scene required that she stand on the coffee table & sing. I told her to get down 20x, I got her down about 19x, and then she finally danced off the side of the table. She stubbed her toe & cried & didn't do it again. It was a moment when I knew I had to let her see what was going to happen & it hurt my heart as I waited for her to fall off, but thankfully she learns fast & she didn't get hurt badly.

The girl loves movies! We think she's about ready to go to the movie theater because she has impressed us with her attention span on numerous occasions.

We spend most of our days at home & she does everything I do. When I'm sweeping the floors she's right there to help, if I'm painting my finger nails she's throwing a fit because I won't let her have the polish, when I'm writing notes she has to have her own pen & paper, & when we're unloading the dishwasher she resets all the settings! Oh the list could go on forever. She goes to the bathroom with me & she shreds toilet paper faster than a hamster. The other day she was trying to take my phone & I stuck it behind the sofa pillow thinking she wouldn't see me. Then she goes over to her chair & takes her pretend phone & sticks it behind her back. Little things like that make me laugh & remind me to be the very best person I can be. Did I ever admit to one of her first words being "shit!"? If not, there you go. She says shit, and she uses the word appropriately. For example if she drops something, you'll hear the sweetest curse word come out.

She is constantly talking & her cousins have a knack for making out the conversations she is having with us. Her words are becoming clearer by the day & her communication is impressive. Her cousin Addy is her best friend. On Monday, Addy came over early in the morning & my sister has the garage code. You should have seen Magnolia's surprised face when Addy came walking in the kitchen at 9 am. She ran across the house with her arms straight out ready to give her the biggest hug. I'm so grateful for their bond & all the fun they have together. We spent the morning outside making chalk art & then when the heat became too much we went inside & they sorted every single one of Magnolia's toys on the fireplace mantle. My sister & I have two Type A little girls. When they were finished playing they put all the toys away without even being asked. I thanked Addy & she said I didn't need to thank her because she wanted to clean it all up.

Magnolia's newest favorite game is putting things over her head so she can walk around the house like a ghost. She may have decided on her Halloween costume already.

Another blogger said it so well. She said that her daughter's childhood is really her childhood, and her childhood belonged to her mother. That explains this stage so perfectly right now. Magnolia may not remember any of this summer, all the while I'm cherishing the magic of every single day like it's my very own childhood. All my childhood dreams are coming true as I get to be Magnolia's mommy.

That's us right now. I've been a mommy for 18 months & it's been the best 18 months of my life.

My camera has almost 30,000 photos in it & I'll be back soon to share more.

Wendy Correen Smith
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