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Bottling Up the Memories

Who is that girl?

In two days our baby girl will be 16 months old. Over the last few weeks I've been making all these mental notes of memories I have to remember.

All the new things she can say now: I love you, baby, blue, oh shit (we cannot deny that one), let me see, a mumbled up version of Skidamarink-a-dink & so much more that I'm trying to make out...
Just the other night during the thunderstorm that was startling her, she came over to me & put her little hands on my legs, looked me in my eyes & whispered a full sentence. She stared in my eyes waiting for a response to which I didn't know what to say. She then whispered it again. It was the sweetest little moment. Later that night we had a huge rainbow over our house. I couldn't wait to show her the colors in the sky straight from the angels in Heaven.

Our darling little soul has a darling little temper. When she's made she'll squeeze her fists really tight, clench her face, & shake her arms. I probably shouldn't be in love with her temper as much as I am, but geez it is freakin' cute when she shows all her emotions.

Speaking of emotions. She has a wide range of emotions. Ryan always says she got that from me. She is not short on facial expressions or any form of expression for that matter.

Being in the nude brings her happiness! I cannot keep a diaper on her & in the evenings after dinner before her bubble bath I usually let her run around in her birthday suit for a little bit. I can tell she enjoys the freeing feeling of no clothes.

We already have a favorite mommy + daughter weekly date. Starbucks + Target. We both love the Vanilla Bean Frap with caramel drizzle & almond milk, also the Double Chocolatey Chip Frap with almond milk. We can wander around Target for hours sharing a Starbucks Frap --- usually I have to beg for a sip.

To her baby dolls she is the best little mommy. She pats them on the back, feeds them, changes their clothes & hugs them tight.

The laundry room is her playroom. She has an obsession with closing the door & hiding. I pretend like I cannot find, although a few times I really did lose her in there, & then I'll hear a scream or laugh. I'll knock on the door asking to come in & sometimes she'll even block me from opening the door. Is this a preview to the teenage years?

She finally got over her fear of walking in the grass. She loves the pool. Her cousins make her laugh in a special high pitch screaming type of way. Magnolia is a glam girl that likes a nice pair of sunglasses, bracelets, barrettes & top knots. And good shoes too, of course. Her love for dogs is still as big as her heart.

Strangers comment on three things the most: her blue eyes the color of the ocean, her thick & curly hair, and those plump oh-so-squeezable cheeks.

At 16 months I've finally got her on a nap routine. Hallelujah. Now if only I can get her to sleep through the night. Goals!

When we pray before meals she'll cross her fingers.

She gives real kisses now. I thought I'd miss the clicking sound she used to do when she "kissed" us, but now I'm even crazier about her real kisses. My heart can barely handle it. She's also a pro at blowing kisses & waving goodbye to the ones she adores.

You should see her face light up when her daddy gets home from business trips. There really is no one else that can make her jump for joy like him.

She has several play phones & she'll often put them up to her ear & mimic me. It's quite hilarious to see her modeling my facial expressions, tone of voice, and speed of conversation.

I used to fear the passing of her cute little stages. Now I've learned what I should have already known, they're only replaced by even cuter stages as her personality blossoms. She's the sweetest little lady & the best mommy to all her dolls & stuffed animals. When I pick her up she pats me on the back & surprises me with kisses on my shoulder. I don't need to say "slow down time" anymore, we soak up all her love each & everyday. Getting to know her personality & darling little soul is the greatest gift.

Have a darling weekend friends, enjoy the sunshine & laughter of the ones you love. Make sure to follow us over on Instagram @wendycorreen - that's where I post all the photos & lots of adorable Instastories of this girl.

Wendy Correen Smith
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