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2017 WENDY CORREEN SMITH. Powered by Blogger.


Magnolia is SIX!!!

Magnolia turned SIX years old on the third. She had a Ballerina Bath Bomb birthday party at Buff City Soap with her cousins and dance + neighbor friends. It was the most fun party we have ever had. On her actual birthday she wanted to control the day, basically a YES DAY, and from the moment she woke up until bedtime she was in charge. It was a blast for me too and I made a reel on Instagram if you want to see little pieces of our day. I feel like so much has happened in this month of February. She went with me to almost all of my IVF appointments and we are so grateful to have one frozen embryo. Her very first tooth fell out! All three of her dances took first place at her very first dance competition of the season. It's been a very fun and blessed month!!!

I shared this on Instagram and wanted it to have a permanent place on the blog.

Our little miracle from Heaven above is SIX years old! It feels just like yesterday I was walking the house with a screaming newborn & wondering if I'd ever sleep again. She sleeps through the night (most of the time) now, but she still wakes up way before the sunrise. Early bird. We started homeschool Kindergarten this year and it's the greatest blessing to learn side by side with her. Numbers class comes naturally to her and she also has found her own unique passions like sign language and weather. She is sweet as a peach and her empathy for others will often bring tears to her eyes, she is also a girl that knows exactly what she wants and will tell you. All animals make her heart skip a beat, but she despises the zoo. Her reindeer, Rudolph, never leaves her side and even during the night it's as close as can be. Dance is her passion and ballet is her all time favorite. She's been twirling, leaping, stretching and dancing since the day she learned to walk. Two big teeth have started to come in behind her lower baby teeth, we joke she looks like a shark. A natural diva in front of the camera, you'll rarely see a photo of her without a hip popped, toe pointed, or fun face. Celebrations bring her endless joy and she loves to help me with all holiday and party prepping. She's also the absolute best shopping buddy any mama could wish for. If I had to describe her in one short sentence it would be: LOVER OF LIFE! She will get equally excited over a cotton candy sunset, as a bright butterfly on a flower, or quick trip to the grocery store. Every single day, EVERY DAY, is an adventure with her. She has started to express gratitude more often this year and of course it warms my heart. She loves hot tea with creamer as much as our angel, my grandma, in Heaven. I started IVF injections the night of her birthday party and although she couldn't watch the needle go in my belly she was literally cheering me on from the other room. No doubt about it, she is my BIGGEST CHEERLEADER, with all the optimism, hope and faith you can imagine. She aches for a baby brother or sister as much as our hearts ached for her. I pray her dreams come true. She says the sweetest prayers, ones that will often bring tears to my eyes. I love listening to her talk to God. Her laugh is contagious and she is the most ticklish little babe I've ever met, she got that from her daddy. Playing with her cousins and neighbors always makes her the happiest little girl. She loves shopping with Grandma and telling stories to her aunts. Girly-girl to the max, she loves all things that glitter, puppies, art, make-up, perfume, jewelry, shoes, purses, shopping, coffee shops, dancing, celebrating, you name it she loves it. I can't say she's well-rounded in regards to her girly-girlness (I made that word up), because she hates bugs, getting dirty, anything risky or scary, and someday she'll forgive me if that is my fault, although I think it's just in her DNA, ha! Our greatest miracle from above. I can literally sit here and feel the aching prayers I said for her in 2016 and when I thank God for her I feel that same ache but with gratitude overflowing.

Here’s to a fun filled, miracles all around us, love + health + joy YEAR of SIX!!!


Wendy Correen Smith
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