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Magnolia at Magnolia

Last week we loaded up the car & we took a road trip to Dallas. We listened to the Mark Chestnut song, We're Going Through the Big D, over & over again. We changed the words to say, we do mean Dallas. Magnolia is a travel rock star. She fussed for one minute when we were about two hours away from our hotel. We had the iPad ready for that moment. We popped it on to the backseat & played her favorite movie PupStar World Tour. She was a happy camper for the rest of trip. We were blown away by her ability to sit in the carseat for over eight hours. Ryan told her if she keeps it up we're road-tripping to California. Not sure I can even handle that!

We've talked about taking our Magnolia to the The Silos in Waco since before she was born. When we decided to go to Dallas, Magnolia Market, was the first "must-do" we added to the list.

Magnolia Market at The Silos was like a little slice of Heaven in the middle of Texas, minus the 100 degree temperatures. All the people were friendly with the biggest smiles, kids played games with laughter on the green space, there were flowers blooming in the gardens all around, with huge fluffy clouds floating in the bright blue sky above. People walked with their babies & doggies as they sipped on Alabama Sweet Tea.

There are moments in life that we dream about, that we pray for, that we anticipate, and then they arrive & all we can do is stop & thank God. Standing in the middle of Magnolia Market with the little girl sent to us from Heaven above was one of those moments. We walked around with hearts full of so much love & gratitude. If I could freeze time, this would be one of those days. All the photos are my best attempt to bottle it up forever.

As we shopped around the market, stopping to stay HELLO to every single doggie we saw, I read a sign with a bible verse I've always loved. Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created. Esther 4:14 I stood there in that moment & my eyes teared up.  I had Magnolia running around under my feet & Ryan was happily following us around as we sniffed every candle and read each sign. It was a thank you God over & over again day!

She's at this tender & adorable stage. She imitates every single move we make, which is equally darling as it is alarming.  She thinks that we are friends or family with every single person that crosses our path. She expects everyone to wave hello, or to tell her how cute she is, or to blow her a kiss. In this photo, as her daddy holds her close, she was blowing kisses to the cute girls swinging under the flower covered pergola across the way. I pray her love for people lasts forever.

What if this day becomes her first childhood memory? What if she always feels that she's walking amongst the sweetest flowers with fluffy white clouds dancing in the blue sky above? I dream that no matter what's going on in her life that days like this keep her happy, strong, faithful, & full of hope as she knows that life is beautiful and wondrous. I hope she always feels loved beyond measure & that she keeps this childhood curiosity. I hope that flowers always stop her in her tracks & that she'll admire their beauty as she inhales their fragrance.

I've never been anywhere quite like Magnolia Market before. Everywhere we looked there was beauty & inspiration.

After we shopped around the Market we headed across the street to Silos Baking Co. There was a very long line & it was literally 100 degrees outside. They gave us a card to fill out with our bakery selections before we made it inside. The longer we stood in line, the more items we checked off on the card! We stood in line for about 15 minutes & it was totally worth it.

We got a chocolate chip cookie (of course), sugar cookie, & each of us got a cupcake. I picked the Lemon & Lavender, Magnolia got The Chocolatier, & Ryan got the Nuts & Bolts. Delicious! So so good.

Dallas to Waco was an hour & half drive one way. We didn't get there in time to eat at Magnolia Table which was a bummer, but we left with plans to go back when the weather cools off. We were there for about three hours & I know we could make a full day of Magnolia Market in the fall or winter.

And for the memory book, Magnolia had to get a black eye a few days before our trip. If you missed my Instagram post, she was injured when my sister's curtain rod fell on her head & sliced the skin right below her eyelid. We are very thankful her eye wasn't injured! 

We left Magnolia Market already talking about a trip back & now I want to buy a new house to renovate. I can promise you, if you go, you'll leave with a soul full of inspiration & joy & memories to last a lifetime!

I'm going to share the rest of our Dallas trip in a second post later this week! Wishing you & yours a Happy 4th.

Wendy, Ryan & Magnolia
Wendy Correen Smith
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