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2017 WENDY CORREEN SMITH. Powered by Blogger.


I'm Mrs. Smith

Last Saturday, I married the man of my dreams. It was the best day of my life! 

I had intended to wait until we got the professional photographs back from our wonderful photographers (Amy + Mandee, with Bright Umbrella Photography) before sharing our first "Wedding Announcement" post, but I just couldn't wait to share all the fun photos that were snapped by our friends and family. This is the informal post! 

The Sunday night after our wedding we sat on the sofa and I wrote in our notebook all the memories we wanted to document forever. It's two pages long! The day was simply miraculous and full of pieces of Heaven that still bring tears of joy to my eyes. 

Amy and Mandee sent us a few sneak-peek photos on Saturday night. I must say they are one talented team, everyone was talking about how passionate, energetic, and creative they were. I love them! 

Ryan's parents called us one night this week. We were out to dinner. They were looking at our wedding photos, and had to point out something very special in this one below, something we had not even noticed until after they called. If you look closely, just to the left of Ryan, you'll see a cross. It's perfectly illuminated by the glow of the sun. Now when we look at this photo, it's all we can see! It's amazing! Signs from above, just like this one, have been common for us. And we have grateful hearts. 

I will sing to the Lord for he has been good to me. Psalms 13:6

My mom and I did the bouquets and centerpieces. I ordered the bouquet flowers from The Bouq, I highly recommend them and I will be ordering from them again. And Trader Joe's was my go-to place for the centerpiece flowers. Our cart was overflowing with flowers before we left! 

On the morning of October 10th I woke up to gifts from Ryan. We had agreed to only get one another a card, but I should have known he'd break that plan. He had this beautiful package wrapped in floral paper that he had selected from Paper Source! I ordered a pair of earrings and a bracelet, and then changed my mind about the earrings at the very last minute. Well, I fell in love with a different bracelet too, but I didn't have the heart to order a new bracelet also. I didn't tell Ryan or anyone else about the bracelet. Quite honestly I had forgotten about it. Well I opened my gifts and couldn't believe my eyes, Ryan had bought me the bracelet that I wanted. He knows me! From my mom I borrowed a handkerchief that used to belong to my grandpa. When my grandma was at the nursing home she didn't have any jewelry, although she had always loved to wear her sparkly jewels. I bought her a ring one Christmas, and she wore it every single day. She didn't even take it off for showers in fear that she'd lose it. She was pretty proud of her ring. and everyone complimented it, which always made her smile. When she passed it was the only piece of jewelry that she was wearing. I decided to wear her ring on my right hand, as a sweet memory of my grandma. 

My sister spent two hours on my hair. She was bound and determined to make sure every single curl was pinned just right, and I cannot thank her enough! I'm lucky to have her as my best friend and sister. 

The girls loading up the car! Don't they look so pretty in their blue dresses!?

The drive to the land was memorable. My niece ate a whole thing of Altoids (not sure why, but she's crazy like that!) and she requested that every single song that came on the radio be turned up louder. She was excited and ready to par-tay, and I LOVE her energy! 

Our flower girls did a great job melting hearts! Seriously, they were jumping around like little ballerinas in their dresses, and they looked like the cutest fluff ball angels!

That's my tall and handsome baby brother dancing with our niece Lucca Lou! 

Our first dance was to Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton --- From Here to the Moon and Back. 

Our song. 

After all the guests left I pulled out my cell phone, and took our first selfie as husband and wife. I thank Heaven for him! 

My new mother+father-in-law worked so very hard preparing their land for our wedding day. We will forever be grateful for their love and support. Their love is an inspiration to us! I love them. 

When we got home, we took photos with our fur babies. 

The next morning, when we woke up as husband and wife, we went to Succotash for brunch and I had the best Cotton Candy Cappuccino.

Sunday afternoon I took a drive to Mt. Moriah Cemetery. It was bittersweet. I left my bouquet at my grandparents gravesite. 

This was my FB caption on 10/11/15: Yesterday was the best day of my life. Dream come true. The best part of the day was after my dad and step-dad walked me down the aisle and gave me to Ryan Smith. The moment my hands were in his and our eyes were connected, I could finally take a deep breath and I felt peace and bliss. As we were exchanging our vows, if I looked away from his eyes only for a moment, across the water and in the trees were pink and blue ribbons blowing in the wind. My mom had made a ribbon display to hang between two trees next to the water and behind the tent. She used ribbon that used to belong to my grandma. When my eyes caught the ribbon blowing, I could feel the breeze on my skin, and I could feel my grandma's love all around me and in my soul. It was the most euphoric feeling I've ever experienced and the closest I've ever felt to Heaven. As soon as we finished our vows, there was a bird in the tree above us singing the most beautiful melody. At the end of the night, as we were eating dinner under the sparkly lights, the sky above us changed to the most beautiful blue and pink sunset, that closely resembled the ribbons that were blowing in the wind. Today, as a thank you and memorial to my angel grandma and papa in Heaven, I left my bouquet at their gravesite. I know they are watching down, and grandma will love this bouquet of roses. And papa loved to shower her with gifts and flowers. This is the first time I've been here to see her name engraved next to my papa's, and in some sweet yet tough way, it feels good.

My hand in his, a few days after we were engaged. 

Once we get the professional photos back I'm going to share another post with many more details about the day, and our vendor sources because they were awesome!

Wishing you and yours a very happy weekend! 


Mrs. Smith 
Wendy Correen Smith
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